The History of Algebra


The period of ancient Hindu mathematics

1200 BC

The period of ancient Hindu mathematics was known as the golden age of mathematics

Ancient Greek numeral system

450 BCE

The ancient Greek numeral system known as Herodianic numerals was fully developed in 450 BCE and is regular use it was base around a 10 number system similar to the egyptian one

The people who shaped mathematics

400 BCE - 1700

People like Arybhatta, Varahamihir, Brahmagputa, Bhaskara I, Mahavira, Bhaskra II,
Madhava of Sangamargrama and Nilakantha Somayaji shaped the branches of mathematics

Mathematical conquest by Alexander the great

200 BCE

Mathematical conquest led by Alexander the great

The classical period of mathematics

400 CE

the classical period of Indian mathematics is 400 CE to 1600 CE

The most famous mathematicians

500 - 700 CE

The most famous mathematicians in the classical era were Aryabhata I and Brahmagputa

Mathematical research emerging

500 - 1200 CE

During this period two centers of mathematical research emerged, one at Kusumapura near Pataliputra

Islamic peoples mathematics

630 CE

The Islamic people use geometric patterns to decorate their buildings

The types of mathematics

800 - 2017

All these types of math date back to as early as the year 800

Mathematics built around ancient Greeks

800 - 900

During the 9th and 10th century mathematics were roughly designed around ancient Greek mathematics

Where does the word algebra come from


Algebra came from the idea of expressing mathematical facts

Who wrote the first algebra book


Al-Khwarizmi is credited with writing the first algebra book

what does the book translate to


The first algebra book translates to restoring balance

Where the word Algebra comes from


The word Algebra is derived from the Arabic word al-jabar


953 AD

Al-Karaji was the the first Islamic to introduce the algebraic calculus

How the Chinese mathematics system worked


They developed very large complex negative numbers and decimals and a place value decimal system with algebra, geometry, and trigonometry

The Chinese mathematics


Chinese mathematics started to emerge in the 11th century

Europe’s first mathematician

1170 - 1235

Europe’s first mathematician was Leonardo of pisa he was known for his Fibonacci sequence of numbers

The height of Chinese mathematics


With the decline of Greek mathematics in the west during the medieval times Chinese algebra reached its zenith in the 13th century

Europe's first numeral system


In the 13th century was Europe's numeral system was official

Mathematicians in Italy


Mathematics in italy in the 14th century gradually spread across europe for the next 200 years

Descartes and how he added Algebra


Descartes Added algebra to geometry and created analytic geometry

Girard Desargues

1591 - 1661

Girard Desargues made perspective geometry

Pierre de Ferma and how he developed a mehtod on how to find maxima

1601 - 1665

Pierre de Fermat developed a method for finding maxima,minima and tangents. He first tried it then later found out that it was correct

The decimal system we use today


The decimal number system we use today come from ancient Indian times

Leonhard Euler and how he founded mathematical analysis

1707 - 1783

Leonhard Euler he founded mathematical analysis and invented a new mathematical function and different equations

Gaspard Monge


Gaspard Monge he introduced Ecole Polytechnique

Janos Bolyai


Janos Bolyai had made more than 20000 pages of math manuscripts

George Boole

1815 - 1864

19th century/ George Boole devised an algebra called Boolean logic

George Boole

1815 - 1864

George Boole also describe a binary system

Arthur Cayley

1821 - 1895

Arthur Cayley he introduced a groups of matrices and quatemions

Andre Well as an influential person

1900 - 1909

André Weil was a very influential French mathematician around the middle of the 20th Century.

G.H. Hardy


20th century/ G.H. Hardy was one of the greatest mathemathicians of this century

Stephen Cook


The P versus NP problem was introduced by Stephen Cook

The oldest algebra artifact found to date


The oldest algebra artifact found to date is the Babylonian clay tablet found in 1984 dates back to 7289

Manindra Agrawl


Manindra Agrawl was the 1st person of the first Infosys Prize
In 1994 Perelman proved the soul conjecture