history of ballet


cour de ballet

Approx. 1500

italian dancing masters began to arrive in french court. court ballet emerged - courtiers danced a series of episodes with spoken or sung text. performers had a low social status therefore courtiers were never considered professional dancers.the extravagance of court ballet was a reflection of the court itself.

King Louis XIV was the most important participant in cour de ballet. her founded the royal academy of dancing and the royal academy of music.

women join men on stage



Approx. 1700

turn out and the five positions established as technical basis of ballet

ballet d'action

Approx. 1700

dramatic ballet - mostly associated with choreographer jean-georges noverre. reunited miming and dance to engage audience's emotions.

paris opera ballet


king louis founds ballet school attached opera

the romantic ballet

Approx. 1800

audiences became more new money and middle class.

distance between audience and dancers grew.

pointe shoes are developed.

women become the center of ballet.

russian ballet disperses

Approx. 1930

russian touring companies travel to different countries and provide a foundation for the development of ballet in said countries.

ballet theatre


ballet theatre (ABT) founded intended to consist of a classical wing, an english wing, a fokine wing, and an american wing.


Approx. 1950

ballet companies bloom across america