Shakespeare timeline

By Brian Carpman


Coronation of Queen Elizabeth I

January 15, 1559

Elizabeth I becomes the queen of england

Shakespeare is born


Born in Stratford-upon-Avon to tanner and glove maker, John Shakespeare and his wife, Mary (Arden)

Shakespeare goes to School


If Shakespeare went to school this is when he would have started because children in Stratford began their schooling at the age of seven

first public playhouse built in london


the type of playhouse for plays not playboys.

sir francis drake circumnavigates the world

1577 - 1580

first circumnavigation of the world, took only three years

Shakespeare marries Anne Hathaway


Shakespeare marries Anne Hathaway November the 27th at Temple Grafton, a village near Stratford.

Shakespeare's first child is born


Susanna, his first child is born

Sir Walter Raleigh’s first expedition to Roanoke

April 27, 1584

Ralelgh starts the failed colony of Roanoke

The Twins Are Born

February 2, 1585

Judith and Hamnet, twins, are born , February 2nd. Shakespeare goes to London and starts his theatrical career.

Defeat of the Spanish Armada

july 29, 1588

Spain's "invincible" navy is defeated by the English because of home field advantage

The North Berwick Witch Hunt

1589 - 1593

first major witchcraft prosecution in scotland

Shakespeare Make A Name For Himself

1589 - 1592

Shakespeare establishes his career and begins to make a name for himself.

The plague hits London, closing the theaters


this almost killed the theater industry in london

Christopher Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus premieres


a tragedy

Writes Venus and Adonis


Dedicates Venus and Adonis and The Rape of Lucrece to Henry Wriothsley, Earl of Southampton – thought to be the beautiful youth of his sonnets.

Founds An acting company


Founding member of the Lord Chamberlain’s Men, an acting company.

Midsummer nights dream premiers


Hamlet Dies

1596 - 1597

His son Hamnet dies. Shakespeare purchases New Place, a large house in Stratford.

MIddle Age

1598 - 1608

The The King’s Men and perform regularly at court.

1607 Susanna Shakespeare marries Dr. John Hall.

1608 The King’s Men begin playing at The Blackfriars.

1608 Shakespeare’s mother dies.

The Earl of Essex’s attempted rebellion


for this he was executed for treason

King James I Succeeds Queen Elizabeth I


king James (who is also king of Scotland) becomes king of England

Gunpowder Plot

november 5 1605

remember remember the fifth of November twas the gunpowder treason plot

The founding of Jamestown, Virginia


the first permanent English colony in the new world

The Sonnets are published.


King James Bible Published


the most popular bible of all time is published

Shakespeare's late life

1612 - 1616

Shakespeare retires from the theatre and returns to live in Stratford. Works on new plays with his friend, John Fletcher.

1616 Judith Shakespeare married Thomas Quiney.

Writes: Cardenio, Henry VIII, The Two Noble Kinsmen.

Shakespeare dies on 23rd April 1616 (on his birthday) and is buried in Holy Trinity Church , Stratford Upon Avon.

The Globe is destroyed by a fire


the largest theater in England is destroyed in a fire

theaters shut down by puritans