From Neanderthals to Qin Dynasty



200,000 BCE - 35,000 BCE

They were the subspecies of archaic humans that went extinct.


14,000 BCE - 10,000 BCE

The first early modern humans to have become.

Agricultural Revolution

8,000 BCE - 3,000 BCE

First period of technological improvement and crop productivity.


8,000 BCE - Present

They were seasonal farmer tending to sheep and cattle by following their migration cycle and living off of them.

Catal Huyuk

7,500 BCE - 5,700 BCE

A proto-city settlement in the southern parts of Anatolia.


4,000 BCE - Present

An alloy made of copper used for the making of swords.


3,100 BCE

Pharaoh of the early stages of the Ancient Egyptian period.

Old Kingdom

2,685 BCE - 2,134 BCE

The cultural period of Egypt where many artistic accomplishments happened.

Harrapa and Mohenjo-Daro

2,500 BCE - 1,900 BCE

The two well-developed cities in the Indus River Valley.


2,370 BCE - 2,315 BCE

The first ruler of the Akkadian Empire. He was known for conquering the Sumerian city-states.

Xia Dynasty

2,070 BCE - 1,600 BCE

The supposed first Chinese dynasty but no proof shows any signs of it ever being a dynasty.

Middle Kingdom

2,050 BCE - 1,800 BCE

Mentuhotep II reunified Egypt to the end of their 12th dynasty.

Epic of Gilgamesh

2,000 BCE - Present

A poem from the ancient Mesopotamian people.


1,880 BCE

He was the founding father of the covenant. He founded the three Abrahamic religions.


1,792 BCE - 1,750 BCE

The 6th king of Babylon. He created Hammurabi Code.

New Kingdom

1,550 BCE - 1,070 BCE

Last Egyptian kingdom that established the Egyptian empire.


1,300 BCE

Metal that replaced bronze.

Shang dynasty

1,046 BCE - 256 BCE

The second dynasty after the Xia dynasty. Dynasty that created The Mandate of Heaven.

Zhou dynasty

1,046 BCE - 256 BCE

Longest lasting dynasty of China which had the Warring States developed.


604 BCE - 530 BCE

He was the founder of Daoism.


600 BCE - 530 BCE

He was the founder of the Achaemenid Empire.


551 BCE - 479 BCE

He was a teacher that founded Confucianism.


550 BCE - 486 BCE

He was the third ruler of the Achaemenid Empire.

Achaemenid Empire

550 BCE - 330 BCE

It was the first Persian Empire.


494 BCE - 429 BCE

He was the general of Athens during the Golden Age.


470 BCE - 399 BCE

He was a founder of western philosophy.


427 BCE - 347 BCE

Founder of an academy in Athens.


384 BC - 322 BC

he was a Greek philosopher.


372 BCE - 289 BCE

he was a famous Chinese Confucian after the death of Confucian.

Alexander the Great

356 BCE - 323 BCE

He amassed a massive amount of land by conquest. He was the King of Macedon.


259 BCE - 210 BCE

First true emperor of a unified China after the Warring States. He was the founder of the Qin dynasty.

Qin dynasty

221 BCE - 206 BCE

The shortest but most influential dynasty with the beginning of the construction of the Great Wall and the creation of cast iron.

Han dynasty

206 BCE - 220 CE

The dynasty that split into many separate groups.

Julius Caesar

100 BCE - 44 BCE

He was about when the rise of the Roman Empire happened and became the first dictator of Rome.


98 BCE - 117 CE

The roman emperor at the time.

Augustus Caesar

63 BCE - 14 CE

The first ruler of Rome at the time. Is also Julius Caesar.


4 BCE - 28 CE

He was the head of a religious group.

Ban Zhou

45 CE - 116 CE

She was the first female historian in China.


274 CE - 337 CE

He was the Roman ruler that converted Rome into Christianity.