Inventions Throughout History Causes and Effects


The Light bulb- James Bowman


The light bulb was used to create light with the use of electricity.

Positive Effects -Could light up the streets, homes and offices when dark outside.
-Much safer than using gas lamps.

The Telephone- Alexander Graham Bell


Telephone was intended to transmit speech electrically.

Positive Effects- Easier to talk to people.
- Can speak to a wider range of people without having to travel or write a letter to converse with them.

Negative Effects: -Can cause cancer.
-Have to pay costly bills for use.

The Automobile- Karl Benz


The automobile was intended to provide people with their own individual transportation.

Positive Effects -People are able to transport themselves around.
-Before automobiles it was a lot more dangerous to travel trekking by buggy or by foot.

Negative Effects-Major contribution to air pollution.
-Car accidents resulting in injury or death.

The Airplane -The Wright Brothers


Airplanes intended to transport us by flying in the sky.

Positive Effects- Able to transport people & goods across the world.
-Military use.
-Faster means of transportation.

Negative Effects- Can be very risky/dangerous means of transportation.

The Television- John Logie Baird


The televisions intended effect is to allow people to receive motion picture entertainment from the means of their own homes.

Positive Effects- Informs us of things such as weather and news.
-Provides people with entertainment.

Negative Effects- Can become addictive.
-Can ruin eyesight.

The Atomic Bomb- Otto Hahn & Fritz Strassmann


The atomic bomb was a means of weaponry during the second world war (defense).

Positive Effects- Japan surrendered.

Negative Effects- Killed innocent people.

The Computer


The computer was intended to carry out a bound amount of arithmetic and logical operations.

Positive Effects- Easier & faster way to access information.
-Has introduced the world to a whole new way of communication.
-Created more jobs/ inventions.

Negative Effects -Can become addictive.
-Information put into computer can be lost.

Intercontinental Ballistic Missile


The intended use for the intercontinental ballistic missile is to deliver nuclear weaponry.

Positive Effects- Used for self defense.

Negative Effects- It's a death weapon.

Home Computer


The home computer were intended for non technical users to use in their homes.

Positive Effects- Can work from home.

Negative Effects -Can be very addictive.