70's Dance and Music


Break Dancing

1970 - 1980

Break dancing was by far the biggest dance craze of the early 80s. Beginning as a street dance of the '70s and evolving into a popular style all its own, break dancing was born of hip-hop influences, and performing most moves required immense physical aptitude. Break dancing often involved standoffs between dancers to see who could out-maneuver the other.


1973 - 1974

Before the Nut bush in 1973, it was called the "Madison".

The Hustle

1975 - 1976

In the 1970 Van McCoy's hit song "The Hustle" which explains how to do the disco dance named in the title, premièred in 1975. The Hustle is defiantly one of the most common dances from the 1970s. The New York is slower than the Los Angeles version and has less foot work.

The Bus Stop

1976 - 1977

The Bus Stop is a dance made in 1976. The dance is for beginners.

Slamdancing/ Moshing

1980 - 1981

Another dance craze, if one could call it that, was slamdancing. Catching on largely because of the development of new age punk and heavy metal in the '80s, slamdancing, also known as moshing, is nothing more than a group of people slamming into one another and jumping around to the sounds of loud metal music.

Electric Boogie

1980 - 1981

Nearly anybody who attended a wedding reception in the late 1980s will remember hearing the "Electric Boogie" reverberating across the room and a solid line of people performing The Electric Slide.

Popular Dance Moves

2000 - 2001

The most popular dances from the late 2000s are probably the Soulja Boy, the Stanky Leg, the Jerk and the Fist Pump.



1974 - 1975

In 1974, Kiss the band created a song called God Gave Rock and Roll To You.

Rock The Boat

1974 - 1975

One of the 1st disco hits was "Rock the Boat"


1974 - 1975

ABBA won a contest for the song WaterLoo.

The Bump

1976 - 1977

The Bump was an easy two-step dance craze that inspired several songs including the 1976 song " Give Up The Funk." During the Bump, dancers simply took one beat to bump hips. However, the bump is a good dance that can be done with partners at a disco party.

Revolutionary Changes of Music

1980 - 1981

The 1980s was a decade of revolutionary changes on the music scene. The two major developments were the advent of MTV and the compact disc.

New Music

1980 - 1981

Music became more diverse, with new wave, heavy metal, rap, techno pop, alternative rock and the "new" country sounds.


Bell Bottoms

1971 - 1972

In 1971, Bell Bottoms became very popular.

Afro and Glitter clothes

1973 - 1974

In 1973 afros and glitter clothes were in style.

Amerian Music Awards

1974 - 1975

The first American Music Awards was broad casted 2 weeks before the Grammy

Band Break Up

1981 - 1982

Paul McCartney's band "Wings" breaks up

Scrunchies, Leggings, Demin Jacket and Denim Mini-Skirt

1986 - 1987

Fashion in 1986 was very different from how it is today. People in 1986 would have worn scrunchies, leggings, denim jackets, and like denim miniskirts. This style would be known as retro-funk.