Timeline of the 29 Roman Emperors


Julius Caesar

100 B.C - 44 B.C

He was a descendant of the Trojan prince Aeneas


31 B.C - 14 A.D

His name given at birth was Octavian Thurinus


14 C.E - 37 C.E

He was forced to divorce Vispania Agrippa and he then married Julia in

12 B.C.E


37 C.E - 41 C.E

Roman Emperor Tiberius was supposedly a suspect to the deaths of Caligula's mother and brothers


41 C.E - 54 C.E

He was Germanicus's brother, the father of Caligula


54 C.E - 68 C.E

Nero was the last of the Julio-Claudian's to rule the Roman Empire


68 C.E - 69 C.E

Galba and his army ruled mos of Spain


69 C.E

He built new temples and the Colosseum


69 C.E

Emperor Nero sent Otho to Lusitania (modern day Portugal) to be their governor. In other words, he exiled him so he wouldn't marry Poppaea


69 C.E

When his army lost to a battle, his men dragged him down the streets, tortured him and threw him in the Tiber river.


79 C.E - 81 C.E

He learned to write poetry in both Greek and Latin, composed Greek tragedies, and play the harp.


81 C.E - 96 C.E

He renamed two months after himself, Germanicus (September) and Domitianius (October)


96 C.E - 98 C.E

His aunt was a direct descendant of Roman Emperor Tiberius


98 C.E - 117 C.E

He was the son of a governor for Baetica in Spain and Syria, a commander during the Jewish War and he was a senator and a consul


117 C.E - 138 C.E

He rebuilt the Pantheon that was destroyed by fire

Antoninus Pius

138 C.E - 161 C.E

He reigned during a time of peace and prosperity.

Lucius Verus

161 C.E - 169 C.E

He and Marcus were the first two co-rulers

Marcus Aurelius

161 C.E - 180 C.E

He wrote philosophy.


169 C.E - 187 C.E

He was a harsh ruler. When he was assassinated, his head was cut off, his body was put on a pole, and he was paraded throughout the streets of Rome


180 C.E - 192 C.E

He ruled along with Marcus Aurelius

Septimus Severus

193 C.E - 211 C.E

He raised pay for troops and he allowed troops to marry

Didius Julianus

193 C.E

He was a successful commander in Germany and he was the governor of Lower Germany


211 C.E - 217 C.E

He murdered his own brother because he wanted to reign by himself


217 C.E - 218 C.E

He was the first Roman Emperor that never served in Senate


218 C.E - 222 C.E

The Senate accepted him as the first youngest emperor ever

Alexander Severus

222 C.E - 235 C.E

Second youngest emperor, reigned at 14 years of age

Maximinus Thrax

235 C.E - 238 C.E

He commanded a legion in Egypt

Gordian 1&2,Pupienus,Balbinus

238 AD

Gordian 1: His mom was supposedly a descendant of the Roman Emperor Tiberius
Gordian 2:When he heard his son (Gordian 1) was killed, he committed suicide
Pupienus: Reigned with Balbinus
Balbinus: Reigned with Pupienus

Gordian III

238 C.E - 244 C.E

He was the first Barrack Emperor

Philip Arab

244 C.E - 249 C.E

One of the rulers that ended war with the Sassanids, a dynasty of Persians


249 C.E - 251 C.E

His army and Philip's met at Beroea in Macedonia and Darius defeated Philip's army