Fad diets


The Vinegar and water diet

1820 - Present

Lord Byron introduced the vinegar and water diet, this is basically when you drink water and vinegar in hopes of losing weight through body water loss.

The tapeworm diet

1922 - Present

This diet was popularized by flappers to get rid of curves. This diet is extremely dangerous and can cause deadly sight effects like cysts.

The Grape fruit diet

1930 - Present

This diet is now called the "Hollywood diet" this is a low calorie diet where grapefruit is eaten at every meal. It was invented by Kelly D. Brownell.

The HCG diet

1950 - Present

This diet received a lot of criticism from other doctors because it is an injection of the drug HCG, a fertility drug, and a strict 500-800 calorie diet. This was invented by Dr. Simeons.

Weight watchers

1963 - Present

This is a very popular diet even know. It was created for the average housewife to maintain her health while juggling motherly duties. This was invented by Jean Nidetch.

The atkins diet

1972 - Present

This is a low carbohydrate diet that has bars, snacks, prepackaged meals, and shakes. This diet was invented by cardiologist Robert C. Atkins.

The cookie diet

1975 - Present

Dr. Siegal created a diet that consisted of eating cookies filled with amino acids to provide nutrients rather than tons of sugar. Hollywood stars loved it and it still exists to this day.

Slim Fast diet

1977 - Present

The slim fast diet of protein shakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner was invented by Daniel Abrahams. This brand and diet has expanded to snack bars, protein bars, packaged meals, and other dietary foods.

Fit for Life diet

1985 - Present

This diet was created by Marilyn and Harvey Diamond. This diet prohibits eating protein and complex- carbohydrates in the same meal. This also promotes high-water content foods like watermelon.

The Zone Diet

1995 - Present

This diet was invented by biochemist Barry Sears. This diet promotes eating 5 times a day with high fat and low carb foods.