Joan Baez


Life begins

Jan 9, 1941

Joan Baez was born on January 9 in New York .

Civil start

Apr 16, 1957

Joan committed her 1st act of direct action by refusing to depart her highschooll throughout associate in nursing air raid drill

Music career begins

Aug 19, 1959

Joan started playacting additional frequently at club forty seven. She played folk music and attracted many people and then met Bill Wood and start preforming with him

Joan's concert

Feb 19, 1963

She was appointed for a Grammy award within the best people recording class. She sung we shall overcome in front of over 1,000,000 individuals


Apr 17, 1964

The internal revenue accommodation responds by inserting a lien against her. When playacting for president Johnson she urges him to withdraw u.s troops from Vietnam

First hit single

Jul 18, 1965

"There But For Fortune" becomes a hit single and is nominated for a Grammy award

The European exchange

Apr 17, 1968

The European exchange system tells the sale of Joan Baez recordings has been forbidden in army PXs due to her anti-war activities

Peace award

Oct 1, 1971

Joan receives an Vietnam peace award for her anti-war work

Humane letters

Apr 17, 1980

Joan is given honorary doctor of humane letters degree by every Antioch university and Rutgers university for her political policy and conjointly the universality of her music. She receives the Thomas Jefferson award given by the American institution of public service

Foundation created

Oct 17, 1993

As invite of refugees, Joan travels to destroyed republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina in an attempt to assist bring additional attention to the suffering there

Life time acheivement

Jun 16, 2007

Joan receives a lifetime achievement award for NARAS at the 2007 Grammy awards