The Growth of the Church

John Randy P. Fuentes


Romans to Christianity

31 BC

Romans were attracted to Christianity by the messaged of salvation through Jesus Christ

The Church spreading across the Roman Empire

31 BC

The Empire enjoyed prosperity and provided citizens with variety of entertainment


Approx. 30 AD

The Church grew in Jerusalem by the Stirring of the Holy Spirit

God's power

Approx. 30 AD

The power of God has been continuously displayed through works of a miracle just like the story of Peter and John preaching Jesus Christ so that a crippled man could walk once more or when Peter preached to the crowd asking the God to repent their sins away.

Tongue of Fire

30 AD

A violent wind gathered the Apostles and a burst of fire came in the room sitting on the Apostles head letting them speak their own tongue and be able to understand different langauage spoken to them

Conversion of Philip

33 AD

Philip who was converted to Christianity went to Samaria to:
-Proclaim the Gospel to the people
-Worked miracles
-Drove unclear spirits from people

Israel and Palestine

Approx. 33 AD - Approx. 34 AD

Saint Stephan the first who died for his Christian faith

Saul on the road to Damascus

34 AD

On the way to Damascus Saul and a men who he was travelling with saw a bright light which scared the horse cause Saul to fall, when Saul went to look up he had realized that he had lost his sight then Jesus appeared saying, "Saul, Saul why are you persecuting me?" then Jesus told Saul to go to the city and there they will be told what they need to do. For three days Saul was without sight and took neither food nor drink. From then he was converted and was reborn into Paul

Roman Empire falling

Approx. 41 AD - Approx. 410 AD

Boundaries were set in the second centuries, the western half of the Roman empire was under pressure from the Franks, the Alemanni, and Vondalos Tries they could move the Roman empire. Rome was sucked, captured, punched, and looted

Church during the period of Christendom

41 AD

Paul's first Journey

Approx. 46 AD - Approx. 49 AD
  • Healed a cripple in Lystra
  • Stopped the people thinking he was a God
  • The Spirit stirred in many the faith needed to join the Church

Paul's second Journey

Approx. 49 AD - Approx. 53 AD
  • Was imprisoned in Philippi, when an earthquake occurred
  • Preach to his jailer and his family
  • Receiving the jailer and his family into the church

Paul's third Journey

Approx. 53 AD - Approx. 58 AD

Paul preached in new towns in countries he had already visited. More people were converted to Christ and became members of the church

Persecution of the Church

64 AD

The Roman government does not approve of the Church as they do not believe in Roman God so they persecuted the Church I different ways:
- Exploited public opinion
- Persecution of Christian was intermittent
- Harsh Punishments
- Murder of Bishops, Priest, and Deacons

Paul's Beheading

Approx. 65 AD - Approx. 68 AD

The Jewish leaders tried to assassinate Paul but Paul claimed his rights, on the way to another land Paul was shipwrecked where he found himself in Rome where he was beheaded

Constantine Roman Emperor

285 AD

First Ecumenical Council

325 AD

Arius, Priest of Egypt, teaching Jesus, called to resolve an issue. Received at Sunday mass


496 AD

A Frank leader, Clovis who defeated the ruler of northern Gaul and established himself king whilst marrying a Christian princess, Clotilda. Clovis baptized 3000 of his men

Pope St Gregory I legacy

590 AD

A monk named Gregory was elected the Pope in 590AD and was also called Gregory the Great. Pope St Gregory I set out monks to establish monasteries throughout the countryside Europe. The monks strengthened Catholic communities that were weak in Celtic lands.


771 AD

A Frank king, Charles conquered present-day Austria, parts of Hungary, and Slavs. Charles also reconstituted the western Roman Empire, he was crowned Emperor of Romans by Pope Leo III on Christmas day

Church growth beyond Europe

2000 AD

Second Millennium

2000 AD - 2017

The Holy Spirit guided Christ's followers to spread the good news to new communities beyond Europe. The Holy Spirit along with the good news reached places like Africa, United States of America, Japan, China, and Australia. The Christian faith did not flourish in some of this countries like Japan and China as the Asian countries were strong believers of the Buddha