Philippine-American War


Philippine-American War


Start of the Spanish-American War

April 23, 1898

Spain officially declares war on the United States. There is some discrepancy about the original date.

First Attack

May 1, 1898

-President McKinley instructs his cabinet to make preparations for the occupation the Philippines.
-George Dewey leads the first official attack on Manila Bay. United States Victory.

Proclamation of Independence

June 12, 1898

Generalissimo Emilio Aguinaldo, along with other Filipino leaders, sign the Proclamation of Independence.

Defeat of Spanish troops in Cuba (Summer 1898)

Approx. July 1898 - August, 1898

Volunteers soldiers from many Midwestern states enlist to fight Spanish.
U.S. soldiers defeat Spanish troops in Cuba

U.S. Withdraws from Cuba

August 7, 1898

U.S. troops begin to leave Cuba, the primary site of the Spanish-American war, signifying the coming of resolution.

Final Battle of the Spanish-American War

August 13, 1898

Volunteers from the 13th Minnesota take part in invasion of Manila.
Filipino Army (who control suburbs) kept out of city by U.S. soldiers.
Spanish Commander quickly surrenders (surrender had been arranged prior to battle, unbeknownst to rank and file soldiers). This is the final battle of the Spanish American War

Constitutional foundation for the First Philippine Republic

September 15, 1898

The Malolos Congress is convened to lay the legal and constitutional foundations for what is to become the First Philippine Republic.

Secure Luzon

September 16, 1898

McKinley orders U.S. troops to take control of the Philippine island of Luzon.

Secure Philippine Islands

October 28, 1898

President McKinley orders that U.S. troops secure the entirity of the Philippine islands

Spanish-American War ends

December 10, 1898

A formal treaty is signed in Paris between Spain and the United States, with the U.S. the winner. We acquire
the Philippines, among others.

First Philippine Commission

January 20, 1899

President McKinley orders a thorough investigation of the conditions of the islands to determine coming actions.

First Philippine Republic at Malolos

January 23, 1899

Generalissimo Emilio Aguinaldo formally proclaims the establishment of the First Philippine Republic at Malolos in Bulacan province

The Beginning of Philippine-American War

February 4, 1899

U.S. sentries shoot and kill 4 Filipino troops at Santa Mesa bridge. This incident marks the beginning of the Philippine-American War. Out of a population of about 6 million, Filipinos lost an estimated 400,000 to 600,000 lives in the conflict. American losses were approximately

US Senate votes for Philippine annexation

February 6, 1899

With one vote to spare beyond the required two-thirds majority, the U.S. Senate votes to annex the Philippines.

Arrival of Protestant Missionaries

March, 1899

Protestant missionaries begin arriving in the Philippines.

Summer & Spring 1899 (Order to wage war with Filipinos)

Approx. April, 1899 - Approx. May, 1899

U.S. soldiers, who had volunteered to fight the Spaniards, become disaffected with the war, horrified that they have been ordered to wage war with Filipinos. Letters sent to their families back home turn the tide of American sentiment against the war. Filipino soldiers wage a dogged guerilla war despite a shortage of weapons, but American troops easily conquer village after village. In the remote countryside, popular resistance continues.

The War Begins

June 2, 1899

-The Philippines officially declares war on the United States.

General Antonio Luna Killed

June 5, 1899

Philippine leaders assassinate General Antonio Luna, a major strategic force for the U.S.

US victory in Philippine-American War

July 4, 1899

U.S. declares victory in Philippine-American War. Filipino resistance continues until 1910

Aguinaldo swears allegiance

April 1, 1901

Aguinaldo admits takeover by the United States and swears allegiance to the new imperial power.

Philippines Surrender

April 19, 1901

Aguinaldo issues a formal surrender to the United States, declaring no more fighting would take place.

Aguinaldo Captured

May 23, 1901

General Frederick Funston, his troops, and a band of converted Filipinos fool Aguinaldo and capture him

War Ends

July 4, 1902

Emilio Aguinaldo surrenders to the United States, who here officially win the war

Last Filipino General Surrenders

September 25, 1903

It's likely that Simeon Ola of the Bicol region was the las Filipino General to formally surrender to U.S. power.