The Colonisation Of Australia


First Interactions.


Dutchman Willem Jansz were the first Europeans to have interactions with the non-speaking English Aboriginals.

First Aboriginal Man Killed.


Dutchman Jan Carstenz said there was various armed interaction with the original inhabitants of Australia and an Aboriginal man was hit by a bullet.

William Dampier Arrived And Explored.


Englishman William Dampier arrived and explored the already discovered west coast of Australia.

Captain Cook Assumed He Would Discover The Great Unknown Southern Land.


Captain Cook assumed he would discover the unknown, mysterious Sothern land and issued a specific instruction to "with the consent of the natives take possession of convenient situations in the name of the King... or if you find the land uninhabited Take Possession for His Majesty".

Captain Cook's Arrival And Encounters.


On the date of April the twenty ninth, Captain Cook arrived in Australia and had a brief encounter with the natives and wrote "all they seem’d to want was us to be gone".

Botany Bay.


On the date of August the eighteenth, Botany Bay was defined as a penal colony.

Captain Arthur Phillip's Arrival.


On the eighteenth of January, Captain Arthur Phillip arrived in Botany Bay and as nine ships arrived over the time of three days, the Aboriginals watched in awe and shock. On the twenty ninth of May there was the first visible conflict between the Aboriginals and the First Fleet where two convicts were killed and in December the first indigenous person was captured.



In April the disease known as smallpox arrives and kills a large amount of the Aboriginal population.

Phillip's Gamekeeper Is Speared.


In September an Aboriginal person Pemulwuy spears Phillip's gamekeeper.

Convicts In Parramatta.


The convicts were allocated the land surrounding Parramatta.

Colonists Expand.


Colonists expand their land and occupy Prospect Hill, Kissing Point, Northern Boundary, the Ponds and the Field of Mars.

Farming And Land Rights.


In the month of August there are now seventy farming colonists and the upset Aboriginals have their land taken away.

Pemulwuy Captured.


The Aboriginal man Pemulwuy is wounded and captured by the convicts but soon escapes.

Aboriginal People Loose Their Land.


Colonists dispossess more innocent Aboriginal people of land around the area of Georges River flats and Bankstown.

Aborignal Boys Murdered.


Two young Aboriginal boys were murdered near Windsor by five Hawkesbury settlers.

Gun Shots Are Fired.


In the month of April, Governor King orders Aboriginal people gathering around Parramatta "to be driven back from the settler's habitation by firing at them".

No Harm To Aboriginals.


• On the thirtieth of June a Proclamation is stating when it is said that "His Majesty forbids any act of injustice or wanton cruelty to the Natives, yet the settler is not to suffer his property to be invaded or his existence endangered by them, in preserving which he is to use the effectual, but at the same time the most humane, means of resisting such attacks”. Not long after this statement, Pemulwuy is shot by two settlers. His tribe continues as revenge.

Settlement Abondoned.


The settlement established at Port Phillip is abandoned.

Slaughter Of Local Aboriginals.


The local settlers are authorized by Lt. Moore to shoot fifty Aboriginal people at Risdon Cove as a warning to the other Aboriginals not to cross them. Due to this event, the slaughter of local Aboriginal people in Van Diemen's Land has begun.



The local Aboriginal people are defending their land and kill some colonists.

Tedbury Is Wounded.


Tedbury is wounded but there are no known records of how or what happened when he was wounded.

Aboriginals Help Settlers.


As the kind Aboriginals help the settlers to cross Blue Mountains, it is found that there are not hostilities as they trespass through more Aboriginal lands.

Anual Settlers Feast.


A yearly 'feast’ has begun to reunite the lost children and parents together as they crossed lands to Australia.

Black Wars Begin.


In the early dates of October the Black Wars begin in Tasmanian.

Battle Of Pinjarra.


In October, Governor Stirling leads the convicts into an area near the Murray River and attack eighty Aboriginal people. As the Aboriginals fight back, fourteen of them are killed along with one of Stirling’s men. This became known as the 'Battle of Pinjarra'.

John Batman Treaty Attempt.


John Batman tries to make a ‘treaty’ with the Aboriginal people.

House Of Commons.


A certain committee in the British House of Commons said that Aboriginal people had a "plain right and sacred right" to their land.



Drought fell over New South Wales and as the Aboriginals water supply and food supply dried up, they were forced to move towards settlements looking for food.

Slaughterhouse Creek.


• At Vinegar Hill, an area around 'Slaughterhouse Creek', where sixty to seventy Aboriginal people are killed and twelve unnecessarily armed colonists “rounded up and brutally kill twenty eight Aborigines from a group of forty or fifty people gathered at Henry Dangar's Station, at Myall Creek. The massacre was believed to be a payback for the killing of several hut keepers and two shepherds. But most of those killed were women and children and good relations existed between the Aboriginal people and European occupants of the station.” as said by

Board Of National Education.


The Board of National Education, exclaims that in New South Wales states "It is impractical to provide any form of education for the children of blacks".

Europeans Die.


On the twenty seventh of October the Jiman people push back and kill eleven Europeans.

Aboriginals Attack.


In the month of October on the seventeenth, a group of settles led by Horatio Spencer Wills are attacked by the Aboriginal people and Wills and eighteen Europeans are killed.

Aboriginal Cricket Team Tour England.


Aboriginal cricket go to England and tour as some are uncomfortable and go back to Australia where one of them die.

Aboringla Resist Arrest.


One hundred and fifty Aboriginal people are killed as they resist arrest in Kimberley.

Aboriiginal Children Enrolled In School.


In the early eighteen seventies the first Aboriginal children are enrolled in school in the area of New South Wales and by eighteen eighty there are two hundred children enrolled in the school around New South Wales.

White Parents Protest About Blacks Attending School.


When white parents protest about sixteen black children being at a public school that Minister of Education stops them from attending school even through there are documents saying no matter the could children have a right to learn. "Cases may arise, especially amongst the Aboriginal tribes, where the admission of a child or children may be prejudicial to the whole school".

Enforced Laws.


A law was enforced that no Aboriginal man be killed although at one instance a European man tied an Aboriginal to his horse and dragged him along harmful roads until his death.

Aboriginal Prisoners Killed.


Jandamarra, Kimberley's resistance fighter dies as he is shot and nineteen former Aboriginal prisoners escaped and retaliated and resulted in them being killed.