Gupta Empire


Start of Gupta Empire

240 C.E.

Chandragupta I Rules the Empire

320 C.E. - 330 C.E.

The first ruler of the Gupta Empire.

Samudragupta Rules the Empire

335 C.E. - 375 C.E.

He expanded the empire.

Samudragupta Develops Gold Coins

335 C.E. - 370 C.E

The coins made them rich and had notable artwork engraved on it.

Kalidasa begins to thrive

401 C.E. - 500 C.E.

Kalidasa's writings make him one of the greatest Indian writers of all time.

The Indian subcontinent is conquered by the Gupta.

425 C.E.

This shows how powerful they were during the Gupta Empire.

Aryabhata develops the decimal system

498 C.E.

The decimal system he created is still used today.

Aryabhatta calcultes Pi

499 C.E.

He was able to calculate something way before his time.

Chaturanga was developed

500 C.E.

Chaturanga, a game similar to chess, is played today by many people.

The Gupta Empire Ends

550 C.E.