3D Printing Evolution


Invention of 3D Printing


Charles(Chuck) Hull, co-founder of 3D Systems, invented stereolithography.

Stereolithography Is Copyrighted and Hull's Printer is Patented

March 11, 1986

Chuck Hull copyrighted the term "Stereolithography" and patented his invention as "Apparatus for Production of Three-Dimensional Objects by Stereolithography".

Hull's Printer is Built


Hull's invention finally was built and it was called the Stereolithographic Apparatus(SLA).

DTM Invented SLS Printing


DTM invented selective laser sintering(SLS) machine.

Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine Use 3D Printed Organs


Scientists 3D printed a human bladder and successfully implanted it.

ZCorp Makes First HD Color 3D Printer


Cornell University Builds Food Printing Printer


Cornell University made a 3D printer where it could print out and make food and then NASA jumped on the project to make food for astronauts in space.

Surgeon Anthony Atala Gave T.E.D. Talk About Printing a Human Kidney


Mr. Atala describes 3D Printing a working human kidney that can be successfully implanted into the human body. This is an outbreak in technological improvement.