Timeline Models of the universe



384 BC - 322 BC

Makes his Geocentric model of the Universe. Widely accepted throughout the whole of Europe for next millennium


310 BC - 230 BC

Makes an alternate to Aristotle idea and makes the first Heliocentric model but is largely rejected due to lack proof


90 AD - 168 AD

Improves on Aristotle design with the idea of epicycles to explain planetary motion


1473 - 1543

Proposes the Heliocentric model with measurements and proof to back himself up but due to Church influence. Ptolemy's model continued to be used


1571 - 1630

Kepler found that Planets rotate around the sun not in a circle but in an ellipsis. He also founded several laws to help back his claim


1642 - 1727

By building upon ideas of Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo. Newton managed to describe why planets follow the path they go through the law of universal gravitation