Foundations of American government-Breylan Parker


Jonathan Trumbull sr

1710 - 1785

only colonial governor to offer full support to the colonists. Governer of Connecticut.

John Witherspoon

1723 - 1813

Became leader of continental congress.Signed Declaration of independence in 1776. Responded to someone saying "the colonies aren't ready for independence"

Charles Carroll

1737 - 1832

Financer of the revolution. Served delegate to the continental congress and signer of Declaration of Independence.

Benjamin Rush

1745 - 1813

Physician, educator, signer of the declaration, known as father of american medicine

John Peter Muhlenberg

1746 - 1807

Studied in Germany and America, became a protestant minister. Born in Pennsylvania.

John Hancock


Largest signature on Declaration of Independence. Wealthy Boston colonist. Used wealth to support colonial cause.

Declaration of Independence


Reasons why colonists were demanding independence from Britain. Listed grievances of american colonists against British king. Mostly written by Thomas Jefferson.

US constitution

september 17, 1787

Established Americas national government a fundamental laws, guaranteed basic rights for it's citizens.

Fifth Amendment


Imposes restrictions on the government from prosecution of persons accused of crimes. Prohibits self-incrimination and double jeapardy.

Bill of Rights


Protections of individual freedoms. 2nd amendment gives us the right to bare arms.4th says no unreasonable searcher by government.

John Jay


Negotiates peace treaty with England. (Treaty of Paris 1795).Ended american revolution. Supported the constitution by writhing the Federalist Papers

Alexis De Tocqueville


Frenchman came to US to study the prison system. Wrote democracy in america. Wrote 5 things that makes america whole. 1. Liberty 2.Agalatarism 3. Individualism 4. Free enterprises 5.Popularism

Eminent Domain


Appertains to every government. It is an attribute of sovereignty

E pluribus Unim


Refers to the US was formed as a cohesive single nation as the result of 13 colonies joining together.