Irene McCormack


Irene McCormack was born in Kununoppin, Western Australia on the 21st of August, 1938

August 21, 1938

Irene McCormack was born in Western Australia

Sister Irene McCormack Joined the Sisters of Saint Joseph at the Age of 17

Approx. 1957

Sister Irene McCormack Took her First Vows as a Sister of Saint Joseph


Took her Final Vows

Approx. 1965

Graduated from University of Western Australia

Approx. 1969

She was a principal of Kearnan College

1981 - 1985

Served in Huasahuasi

Approx. Jun 26, 1987 - Approx. August 12, 1987

Traveled to Peru help the people in poverty

Approx. August 12, 1987

The Priests in peru get out of peru because of the shining path


She Returned to Huasahuasi because there was no missionaries there

Jan 15, 1990

Sisters of St Joseph Celebrate 10 Years in Peru

April 1991

Sister irene McCormack was Executed by a 15 year old girl

21st May 1991

Funeral was held for her death

24th May 1991