History of early christianity


Jesus is crucified, starts Christianity

33 AD

Starts Christianity

Paul goes on missionary journeys across Asia Minor, Greece, and Rome

42 AD - 62 AD

Visits Asia Minor, Greece and Rome

Establishment of various Christian communities in the Eastern Mediterranean, Greece, Egypt, and at least the city of Rome

50 AD - 60 AD

Paul imprisoned in Rome

59 AD

Unofficial persecution of Christians in Rome

64 AD

Nero set fire to Rome and blames the Christians for it

64 AD

Nero blames the Christians for the fire of Rome

The Jewish Revolt against Rome

66 AD - 73 AD

The city of Jerusalem is besieged and captured by Rome; the Second Temple destroyed

70 AD

Centre of Christianity moves to Antioch, Alexandria, and Rome

70 AD

First Christian bishop of Rome

90 AD

Letter to the Corinthians by Clement of Rome

96 AD

Emperor Pliny wrote letters to Trajan

112 AD

Widespread persecution of Christians under the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius

161 AD - 180 AD

Decian Persecution under the emperor Decius

250 AD

Diocletian issued his first edict against Christians

303 AD

Constantine becomes the first Christian emperor

306 AD

Constantine legalised Christianity in the Roman Empire

315 AD

Theodosius I makes Christianity as the sole religion of the Roman Empire

380 AD