media throughout history


Printing press invented


Johannes Gutenberg, who was a goldsmith from germany, invented the printing press in 1440. His printing press made the production of books easy, and fast compared to the way books were normally produced at the time. This also aided in the rapid spread of knowledge across Europe.

The invention of FDM Technology


The 3d printer, is essentially the modern rendition of the printing press, because it allows the mass distribution of easily printed products. Scott Crump invented FDM (fused deposition modeling) 3d printing technology in 1989. While fdm 3d printing is not the only type of 3d printing, it is the most available of the 3d printing technologies on the consumer market, and it is the most common. FDM 3d printers use a plastic filament, which is melted, and then extruded in layers to create a 3D object. 3d printing uses 3d cad files, and this is where the true form of media is.

world wide web invention


The web is integral to 3d printing, because there are so many sites that are exclusive for sharing your designs, and trying other people's designs. It has created a community around 3d printing, and has seriously improved the experience for "makers." In 1991 a computer programmer from Switzerland named Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. He wrote the first web browser computer program in 1990 while employed by the swiss company CERN. The Web browser was not released outside of CERN to the general public until August 1991.

Release of the playstation


The web is extremely important on the playstation consoles. While online multiplayer isn't actually hosted on "websites," it is hosted online servers. Sony released the PlayStation console in 1994 in japan, but they waited until 1995 to release in North America. At the time, they were new to the gaming industry, having never developed a game before, much less a console system. However, the PlayStation ended up as a huge hit, that introduced 3D style gaming to a massive audience.

The introduction of Steam

March 22, 2002

Steam was one of the first platforms for pc gaming, and unlike the playstation which was a brand specific console, steam appeals to a much wider market, and is available on most computers. Steam was first announced by valve in 2002, and was released for beta testing in January of 2003. Beginning with Rag Doll Kung Fu in October 2005, third-party games became available for purchase and download on Steam. By May of 2007, 150 games were for sale on the platform, and 13 million accounts had been created.

iphone introduced

January 9, 2007

The iphone doesn't relate much to steam, however, there is a steam app for the iphone. The steam app, which lets you trade items, shop for games, and talk to friends, also doubles as a mobile authenticator, which is used to make your steam account more secure. This is important, because some people have hundreds of dollars worth of collectible items on their steam accounts. The iphone was introduced on January 9, 2007, by the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The iPhone redefined the category of smartphone. The smartphone revolution was started by the iPhone, and has since put a powerful computer into the hands of people all around the world.