Father John Joseph Therry


Father John Therry is born


He was born in Cork, Ireland - his parents were John Therry and Eliza Connolly.

Father John Therry is ordained a priest


Working in Dublin and then working under the Bishop of Cork.

Father John Therry arrives in Sydney

May, 1820

He arrives in Sydney with Father Philip Conolly and conducts his first Mass in Australia on the 8th of May.

The foundation stone for St. Mary’s Chapel is laid by Governor Macquarie and blessed by Father Therry

29 October 1821

This chapel would later be reconsecrated as St Mary's Cathedral

Father Therry establishes the first Catholic school on Hunter Street, Parramatta


Father Therry is sent to Tasmania as vicar-general


In 1839 he permanently takes up his position and works there with some success.

Father Therry returns to Sydney from Tasmania

1854 - 1856

in May 1856, again he takes up parish work at St Augustine's, Balmain and remains there until his death.

Father Therry is raised to the position of Archpriest


This rank is known today as vicar capitular.

Father John Therry dies

25 May 1864