History of Salt


Egyptions had salted fish and traded with other nations

2800 B.C

Mayan salt production (food, medicien and other important things)

1000 B.C

Evidence of china first using salt.

1000 B.C

iron first came to China and had parts of salt.

Hallstatt Period (Early iron age culture)

700 B.C

Earliest of salt making in Cheshire

600 B.C

first time; salt making by a man named Yi Dun

450 B.C

Rome invented celts which is now known as turkey (with salt)

279 B.C

possibly earlier techjique to mine salt rocks instaed of big salt rocks (German)


Butter was very salty in Winchester; for every ten pounds of butter, one pound of salt should be added


when Europeans traveld to America they found a great amount of salt


Cheshire, the goverment built a network of waterways liking to saltworks.

1713 - 1741

Kethchup and adding falt also become very important on France


Bavaria and Austria allowed Austrians to mine salt beyond the border


The Chinesse kept on drilling going down for more oil (4,125 ft)


Discoverd that Mayan's had contained unique saltworks (used tree trucks into shallowpans)

1920 - 1940