There will come soft rains


The Fire

08/04/2026 - 08/05/2026

The house burning down made me feel relieved as a monstrosity that murdered people and a dog was dying also the way the author described it gave the whole ending an eery, gloomy feel. Also the descriptions made me view the house as a person whose dying and falling apart.

The house wakes up and makes breakfast

08/04/2026 7AM

I'm a little confused and shocked about a house making breakfast because it is not a normal thing a house does so it shocks me that a house wakes up at 7 and makes food


08/04/2026 8AM

This part is extremely creepy as it makes the reader realize that the house is completely empty yet the house is singing rhymes etc. which also shocks me. There's an eery feel added in this paragraph.

The mice clean

08/04/2026 9:15AM

This part of the story really disgusted me because I hate mice. The thought that robotic mice cleaning the house with glowing eyes scared me.

The view outside

08/04/2026 10:15AM

here the describe portraits of people and this raises questions like what happened to these people? or Where are they?

The Dog's death

08/04/2026 12:00

In my opinion this is one of the most significant parts of the story. The dog dying gives us an insight to how dangerous and harmful it would be to live in such a house and makes us think that the same happened to the rest of the family.

Cleaning the decay

08/04/2026 2:15 PM

When the mice clean the Dog's decay I felt like it was just another thing to clean for the mice and that machines have no emotion or sentiment and this really enhanced the conflict.


08/04/2026 8PM

This line makes the house sound like a warm cozy place almost like an actual home.

The poem (there will come soft rains)

08/04/2026 9PM

This poem is read to one of the dead occupants and describes how mankind disrupts the flow of nature and isn't required. This makes me feel afraid and upset and is the main part that shows that these machines have turned on the humans