There Will Come Soft Rains(Ray Bradbury)- Nikhil Mukherjee


7: 00

8/4/2026 7:00am

The timer goes of at seven o'clock but the house is empty and there is no one there to be woken up. The house automatically doing things for no one.

8: 01

8/4/2026 8:01am

At eight o'clock there are reminders of going to school and someone's birthday but there is no one running for the door or in a hurry. I realise that the house does not comprehend that there is no one in the house.

9: 15

8/4/2026 9:15am

The house is cleaned by futuristic robots and I understand the house is set in a dystopian future where tis area is a wasteland with nobody there and a the house is basically being cleaned for no one which I find quite amusing.


8/4/2026 10:00am

The house is the sole surviving structure in this city due to a radioactive situation which I think was caused by a war which makes me wonder about who lived in the house and what were they like.


8/4/2026 10:15am

The house also maintains the backyard and in this event we find out about the family of four which lived here and that since their disappearance nothing touches the house which suggests why this house could survive in this wasteland.


8/4/2026 12:00pm

A dog enters which I am guessing was the owner's dog as it goes around the house sniffing scents and because the house recognised the dog. The dog was skinny which means it has been gone for quite some time but then suddenly the dog goes crazy and dies.


8/4/2026 2:00pm

The dog's decaying body is acknowledged and cleaned away by the mice. The house must stay clean.


8/4/2026 2:15pm

The dog is thrown into the incinerator.


8/4/2026 2:35pm

The automation continues as cards are set up along with snacks only to be cleaned up untouched at 4:00pm.


8/4/2026 4:30pm

The house turns into a kid zone and I start to feel the house was a parental figure to the children most of the time as it plays with the kids and reads to them.


8/4/2026 5:00pm

The house evens bathes the children. I don't think the kids were with their parents a lot in this AI house.


8/4/2026 8:00pm

The house sets up for activities performed by the owners again only to be cleaned up.


8/4/2026 9:00pm

The beds are heated which leads me to believe the owners lived a very lavish life.

Then the house recites a poem which speaks of the world in alternate reality without humans. This suggests that humans caused this wasteland where this house was situated and is the moral of this story, that technology is doing more bad than good and should be controlled.


8/4/2026 10:00pm

The house is destroyed by a tree and fires are set a blaze. The house tries hard to survive and seems almost scared to me.



The house is destroyed yet the soul of the house which was the AI is still working.