There Will Come Soft Rains


seven o'clock

August 4, 2026 7:00am

time to get up
- this seemed like a normal 21st century house, as we have koo-koo clocks and they usually wake everyone up.


August 4, 2026 7:09am

Breakfast time
- Food is automatically made - technology in the future!
- I thought that either the family was running late or it was the weekend and hence, they had decided to wake up late.


August 4, 2026 8:01

Time for school and work
- The weather box which is singing glumly to the rain, makes me think that the house doesn't like the rains.
- The garage doors open and wait and eventually close. This shows that no one is at home.


August 4, 2026 8:30am

The food is thrown away as no one eats it, and the dishes are cleaned.

  • This makes me wonder what had happened to the family of the house as they didn't come to eat breakfast.


August 4, 2026 9:15am

Time to clean
- the house started to clean itself - which startled me

ten o'clock

August 4, 2026 10:00am

The house is still empty
- This made me wonder if the family of the house was dead as it was the only house standing in a ruined city.


August 4, 2026 10:15am

The sprinklers turn on in the garden and the story moves into the backyard to describe the house’s exterior.
- The pictures of a man, a woman and two children hints that it was a family of four.
- The images were “burned on the wood in one titanic instant, ” which suggests that the family had been burned or bombed perhaps.
- It said that not even a bird could touch the house, which might be the reason that this house is the only standing house in the city which was bombed.

twelve (noon)

August 4, 2026 12:00

The dog comes home
- It says that the dog was once healthy but now it was boney and covered in sores, which made me wonder if he had survived while his owners had died.
- He goes to the rooms and sniffs and waits for his owners to come out but soon realises that no one is there - which could mean that he is returning after a long time and hence is skinny due to no food.
- When the dog died, I was a little confused on how it died but my only guess was that as soon as he realised that his owners had died, he went crazy and died.

two o'clock

August 4, 2026 2:00pm

When the dog dies and begins to decay, the house's cleaning mice sense it and go into the room to remove the dog.
- This shows that the house can't stand any uncleanliness and disorder of nature, as also shown in previous occasions as well like: when the dog comes home and starts tracking mud.


August 4, 2026 2:15pm

The mice deposited the dog into the incinerator in the cellar.
- It says "the incinerator glowed suddenly and a whirl of sparks leaped up in the chimney" this could mean that the house felt triumphant over the uncleanliness, as if it had just defeated its biggest opposition.

two thirty-five

August 4, 2026 2:35pm

The house once again continues as usual. It prepares lunch, sets up tables and chairs for bridge but of course, no one comes.


August 4, 2026 4:30 pm

Children's Hour!
- The nursery is a technologically created nature scene, set to reveal itself at a specific time of day. Suggesting that the children in the house experience nature that is manipulated, as opposed to having authentic experiences.
- The family even uses technology to create the fantastical element of nature, pink and purple animals, etc.
- I felt almost sorry for the children of the house that they had never seen the real nature of the Earth, but the artificial technological one.

eight o'clock

August 4, 2026 8pm

the dinner dishes are washed; and the fireplace in the study and a cigar are lit up.


August 4, 2026 9:05pm

The house asks Mrs. McClellan, "Which poem would you like this evening?" Of course, no one responds. The computer chooses a poem at random; There Will Come Soft Rain which is an actual poem by Sara Teasdale.
- The poem communicates the idea that nature will outlast humanity and thrive once man's civilizations have been destroyed.
- The choice of the poem is ironic considering that the house's family has been destroyed.
- As the story is named after the poem, I feel that the author wanted the poem to be an important part of the story.

ten o'clock

August 4, 2026 10:00pm

The house starts to die.
I find this part very ironic, as it said, "no, not even a bird must touch the house!" whereas now it was nature that was destroying the house.
- A big tree crashes into the houses causing a fire and burning the house down. The house tries its hardest to survive but in the end the nature wins!

"Today is August 5, 2026"

August 5, 2026

As the house collapsed into itself, the rubble still managed to speak, "Today is August 5, 2026, today is August 5, 2026, today is...".
- The people are gone; the house is nearly gone; yet the automation somehow continues.