There will come soft rains


Wake up and breakfast

August 4, 2026 7:00 am

It feels like the story is in a busy household where the children and parents have to get up early for work and school

It starts raining, no doors are being slammed

August 4, 2026 8:00 am

Feels like something is wrong or is going to go wrong

Dog enters house

Approx. August 4 2026 12:00 pm

Just thoughts. How did this one dog manage to survive? What is this dog doing out here?

Dog died

August 4 2026 2:00 pm

I wondered what is happening. How did this happen so suddenly?

Walls in the nursery glow up

August 4 2026 4:30 pm

It kind of brings out a ray of hope of something positive. It lightens the mood.

Poem time

August 4 2026 9:15 pm

This poem again brings out the ray of hope but also feels like something is gonna happen next

House begins to die and the burns up

August 4 2026 10:00 pm

The house lights up as soon as the tree falls in through the windows. Everything is destroyed in an instance. Just creates a very dull atmosphere.

Last voice

August 5 2026

One last voice that is left in the house. That keeps repeating, "Today is August 5, 2026, today is August 5, 2026". One last piece of the house left between all the silence and smoke.