Apartheid in South Africa


The National Party take political power in South Africa

May 1948

The National Party was a completely 'white' political party. When they seized power they introduced the policy of Apartheid, which established the complete separation of races.

Apartheid legislation is passed


The Apartheid is officially established through the implementation of legislation to create segregation.

The Freedom Charter


Produced by the ANC, the charter was a formalised document on the campaign from thousands of people to end racial segregation and afford Black South African rights.

Mandela and his wife become divorced.


Sharpeville Massacre

March 1960

ANC and PAC banned

April 1960

The African National Congress and Pan African Congress are banned under the Apartheid regime.

Mandela arrested for treason


Mandela is arrested for treason but then acquitted.

Mandela leaves South Africa

January 1962

Mandela leaves the country to undergo military training and to increase support for the ANC.

Mandela returns to South Africa

July 1962

He returns to South Africa via Botswana.

Mandela arrested for leaving the country.

August 1962

Mandela is arrested for leaving the country illegally. He is sentenced to five years at Robben Island prison.

Mandela sentenced to life imprisonment

June 1964

Mandela is sentenced to life imprisonment, along with several other ANC leaders, for sabotage.

South Africa becomes independent


South Africa becomes an independent nation, only the 'white' citizens are acknowledged and represented by the Government.

Forceful Resettling


More than three million Black South Africans are forced to resettle into black homelands.

Soweto Massacre


More than 600 students are killed in a series of demonstrations and protests.

South Africa goes into a State of Emergency

1984 - 1989

Due to the Township revolts and uprisings, the nation when into a state of National Emergency.

F.W. De Klerk becomes South African President


He begins to dismantle the Apartheid, by lifting the ban on the National African Congress and suspending executions.

Nelson Mandela is released from prison


The ANC is banned


Mandela is released from prison

February 1990

He had served 27 years of imprisonment, mainly at Robben Island prison. The South African President, F.W. de Klerk, ordered the release of Mandela.

Mandela becomes the President of the ANC


Mandela is awarded a Nobel Peace Prize


Alongside President De Klerk, Mandela was appointed a Nobel Peace Prize for his work to end the Apartheid and establish a multi-racial Government.

Mandela becomes President of South Africa


He became the first 'black' president of South Africa.

Amnesty is granted to dissidents who opposed the Apartheid