Leadership Event Timeline


Chess Club Co-founder

Approx. August, 2008

I was one of the Co-founders of our middle school chess club that was discussed about, but never really put into the works. My friend and I ended up getting enough people with interest to join the club, and we ended up being founders/cofounders of the club.

WJ's Toy Shop

June, 2010

This was one of my first jobs in the "real world," and as someone who had to run the entire store on some days, it provided me with a ton of valuable experience for future jobs dealing with customers and keeping things in the store well-aligned by myself. I learned how to perform more tasks individually, as opposed to relying on others to complete tasks.

High School Tutor

Approx. October, 2012

In 2012, I began tutoring high school students for science related subjects, primarily chemistry. This opportunity taught me how to take charge and help others independently, as well as preparing me for college tutoring opportunities.

University Writing Center

December, 2014

At the conclusion of my first semester in my freshman year of college, my English teacher said she had recommended a couple of students to take a course to work at the University Writing Center. I happened to be one of these students, and to have the potential opportunity to do this was an honor. Although I decided not to take the class due to my heavy course load, I learned a lot about how students who worked at the writing center taught other students how to become successful writers and adapt to different writing prompts. I grew a lot, intellectually, from this opportunity.

Nursing School

August, 2016

ECU's Nursing program truly was the most difficult leadership experience I've had in my life. Not only would we (as students) have to learn to collaborate with other peers while performing strenuous nursing tasks, but we had to learn to deal with the pressure of having the lives' of others in our hands. Taking care of patients has truly been a humbling leadership experience.

My Photography Business

January, 2017

After hitting what I would call my "rock bottom" after finding out nursing school wasn't a good match for me, beginning my photography business was an extremely exciting opportunity to learn how to be a leader of my own business. Having this business has taught me how to prioritize, market, and plan more effectively, which can easily be carried out furthermore in my future leadership tasks.