Life of Richard Pierpoint

A.K.A: Captin Dick, Black Dick. His name came from his owner.




Bondu, Senegambia, West Africa

Early Life

1744 - 1760

Most likely part of the Fulani tribe and his religion was most likely Moslem.

Taken For Slavery


At the age of 16 he was captured and sold as a slave to the Europeans. He belonged to the Royal African Company.

Arrive at North America


He arrived in North American where he was sold to a British solider named Richard Pierpoint.



The British army needed recruits to fight against the rebel Americans. One way to fill the spots was to recruit the slaves who were willing to fight. If they survived, they would become a free man or woman. Richard Pierpoint was one of a dozen black slave recruits.

Petition of Free the Negros


He signed the Petition of Free Negros, Which was a document requesting to free the black slaves who worked as British soldiers during the American Revolution. This Petition also requested giving the black soldiers land. The petition was REJECTED.

War of 1812


After his petition was rejected, he returned to being a labourer. When the Americans declared war against the British, Pierpoint sent a personal petition which requested the the blacks fight for upper Canada which was initially rejected. But when few white soldiers volunteered, they had no choice but to accept. Pierpoint was placed as a private.

Another Rejection

1815 - 1822

After the war. Pierpoint was eligible for a grant of 100 acres of land to homestead. He did not want the land he could have, instead he wrote another petition requesting that he get a one-way boat ticket back to his home in Bondu, Africa. But it was rejected. So with no other choice, he accepted the land and became an official property owner in 1822 at the age of 78.