Final Fantasy 15


Regis is born


Regina Lucius Caelum is born


Cor is born


Ravus is born


Regina gives up her place in line for the throne


Following a series of arguments with her father, King Mors, about her wanting to marry Cor Leonis in the future, Regina gives up her place in line for the throne, causing a national scandal.

Father and daughter never speak again until Mors is on his deathbed.

King Mors dies


Regis is 23
Regina is 20
Cor is 18

Cor and Regina marry


Cindy is born


Regis marries Aulea


Gladio is born


Korina Leonis and Ignis are Born


Noctis and Prompto are born


Julian Leonis is born


Aulea and Julian die


Regina helps her brother raise Noctis, following the loss of her son Julian

Igis and Notic meet for the first time


Iris is born


Demon Attack


Noctis is attacked by daemons and suffers a serious injury

An unarmed Regina is killed in an attempt to futher protect Noctis and her daughter, Korina.

The Tenebrae Incident

June 744

Regis, Noctis, and Korina go to Tenebrae.

Noctis befriends Lunafreya while Ravus gains a crush on Korina.

Korina becomes interested in the history of the world.

Sylva Nox Fleuret is killed by Niflheim, leaving Ravus and Lunafreya to be taken.

Gladio and Korina are arranged to be married


Talcott is born


Noctis and Prompto become friends


Gladio and Korina begin dating


They are 17 (Rina) and 18 (Gladio)

Ignis becomes a Crownsguard


Korina joins the Kingsglaive


Korina doesn't join the Crownsguard due to the fact she doesn't want to work under her father, Cor Leonis.

Final Fantasy 15 starts


Noctis and Prompto are 20
Gladio is 23
Ignis and Korina are 22
Iris is 15
Lunafreya is 24
Ravus is 28
Regis is 50
Cor is 45

Noct and crew leave Insomnia

May 756

Clarus (Gladio's father), Regis, and Korina see them off.

Fall of Insomnia

May 16 756

King Regis, Clarus, Nyx, and most of Insomnia's citizens are killed.

Korina assists Iris, Jared, and Talcott in leaving the city after making promises with Nyx and Luna to meet them in Altissia (a promise which Nyx breaks).

Noct and the crew (including Korina) head to Altissia

June 756

Gladio and Korina marry before heading to Altissia

June 756

The world plunges into Darkness

August 756

Without Lunafreya, Starscourge's advancement accelerates and there is no cure for those infected with it. Daylight is quickly disappearing from the world. Noctis's goal shifts from simply saving his kingdom, to saving the world from daemons and darkness. He believes he can banish the daemons with the light of the Crystal. Starscourge is caused by daemons that expel substance from their bodies that blocks sunlight.

The imperial capital collapses as everyone becomes infected and begins to turn into a daemon. Those who can, flee the capital. An emergency is called and civilians are told to stay indoors. Dave Auburnbrie invites everyone in Eos to move to Lestallum whose power plant can provide light indefinitely due to drawing power from the active meteorite shards in the area.

When Noctis finds the Crystal deep inside Zegnautus Keep, he is absorbed inside it. He learns Ardyn Izunia is his immortal ancestor who once served the astrals but when saving people from daemons by absorbing them, corrupts his soul. Noctis learns he is the True King who can purge the world of Starscourge at the cost of his own life.

Noctis disappears for ten years, during which time darkness overwhelms Eos and it is overtaken by daemons.