Richard Pierpoint

By: Jessica Nantel

Personal life

Richard Pierpoint was born


Richard Pierpoint was born in West Africa in a place called Bondu. No one knows the exact date because he was a slave.

Slave life

Richard Pierpoint as a slave


He was bought by a British named Pierpoint and was given a Christian name, Richard. Every slave was givn a Christian name and their owners last name.



Richard Pierpoint was transported over seas with many other slaves. Most of them died of illnesses, and Pierpoint was one of the few survivors.

Military life

American war

Richard Pierpoint joined the military


The British government enrolled african american slaves to fight in the war and if they survived they would be granted their freedom.

The Butler's rangers


Pierpoint, along with a dozen other african american slaves, joined the Butler's rangers.

American war ends


The American war of independance ended and every african american slave who fought and survived the war were given their freemdom.

Petition of free Negroes


This was a petition by Pierpoint requesting land, for the free blacks who had fought in the war, adjacent to each other so that they could help one another tend the land and build their houses. The petition was denied.

Petition of the Coloured Corps


This petition was requested to start a coloured corps but was denied. It was only approved when there was in insufficient number of white volunteers. The only condition was that Pierpoint was not allowed to lead it. Instead a white tavern owner did.

War against Great Britain


America wanted more land, so they declared war on Great Britain.