The French Revolution

Major events that happened before, during and after the french revolution

Before the French Revolution

Important events and people that helped cause the french revolution

Rule of Louis XIV

1657 - 1715

Louis XIV was known for the huge amount of money he spent on the building of versailles, high taxes, useless expnesive wars, and wastefullness

Louis XIV builds Versailles


He spent over 100 million dollars buildig the Versailles Palace.

Louis XIV's Death


Louis died leaving his country in debt

The French Revolution

Events that happened during the revolution

Fall of Bastille


A giant mob attacked the bastille prison, chopped off the govenor's head and paraded it through the streets

The Estates General


Louis XVI called Estates-General to a meeting in Versailles to approve a tax plan.

Angered Peasants


The peasants of france were mad because of the high unfair taxes and poor harvesting

Tennis Court Oath


The Third Estate declared themselves the National Assembly and made the Tennis Court Oath.

All Feudal Privellages Ended


The National Assembly announced the end of feudalism and serfdom in France.

October Days


Paris women invaded Versailles

Civil Constitution of the Clergy


It was a law passed on July 12 1790 during the French Revolution, that devistated the Roman Catholic Church in France

Louis XVI Was Arrested


Louis XVI and his family tried to sneak out of France but were arrested.

War Wanted With Austria


France declared war on Austria.

Convention Meets


The National Convention held their first meeting.

Louis XVI Was Executed


Louis XVI sentanced to the guillotine and was executed.

Marie Antoinettes Death


She was charged with aiding the enemy and inciting civil war and was guillotined.

Reign of Terror Begins

sep 1793 - july 1794

The Reign of Terror court sentanced 20,000 to 40,000 people to death

Robespierre Gets Arrested


The National Convention arrested Robespierre.

Robespierre's Death


Robespierre was beheaded.

After the French Revolution

Events that came after the revolution ended.

Directory Meets


the directory fell and ended the revolution.

Napoleon Crowned as Emporer

1804 - 1821

The last phase of the revolution changes the government back to a way it used to be.