World War One Timeline (Canadian History)

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Sir Robert Borden as PM

October 10 1911 - July 10 1920

Dealt with conscription crisis.


July 28 1914 - November 11 1918

Battle of Ypres

April 1915 - May 1915

first gas attack, first major appearance of Canadian soldiers where they prove themselves as a formidable ally and dangerous enemy.

Lusitania Sinking

May 7 1915

Battle of Sommes

July 1 1916 - November 18 1916

(Beaumont Hotel) Meant to be the "opening act" to one of the greatest battles in WW1

Zimmerman Telegram

January 1917

The Zimmermann Telegram was a secret diplomatic communication issued from the German Foreign Office that proposed a military alliance between Germany and Mexico in the event of the United States entering World War I against Germany.

The Decisive Year of War


America Enters WW1

April 1917

As a result of the sinking of the passenger boat Lusitania and Zimmerman telegram

Vimy Ridge

April 9, 1917 - April 17, 1917

Battle of Passchendaele

July 31, 1917 - November 10 1917

Women Can Vote Federally

September 20 1917

yay :)

Halifax Explosion

December 6 1917

SS Mont-Blanc collided with SS Imo causing large explosion at Bedford Basin. SS Mont-Blanc carried cargo of high explosives which SS Imo was going to pick up cargo of relief supplies.

Treaty of Versailles

June 28 1919 - January 21 1920

League of Nations

January 10, 1920

to promote world peace and trade