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APC set up


By Ime Wil
National advocate speaking against the dangers of plastic pollution in the Oceans
Young visionary and engineer
creation of whatever, makes him famous

Influx of money

Feb 2014

Ime meets Charlie


Social entrepreneur,
Worked in the development sector for the last 10 years
Set up several NGOs

Charlie Coordinator of PFA

Feb 2015 - Approx. October 2016

Foundation of Plastic Finger Association

Feb 2015

Found by Charlie

Charlie works with Ime - Project Director

Feb 2015

Meeting with Charlie

November 2016

Charlie proposed a new idea of developing a new activity model --> set up additional NGOs in developing countries with a coastline - employ locals to gather plastic that is washed ashore

  • Ime not okay

Post - mail

December 2016

Ime sends an email to Charlie :
wants to terminate any kind of professional relationship and that he/she wants Charlie to step down from his/her role in the London-based PFA


December 2016

Ime discovers that Charlie wrote a post on PFA website

Charlie still there


hasn't stepped down nor appointed a replacement for him-herself

Ime contacted lawyer - Mediation session

June 2017