Period 3 (600-1450 CE)


Sui Dynasty

589 - 618

Short Lived Imperialist Chinese Dynasty, however short it unified China. Founded by Wen of Sui, with a capital of Chang'an. He also constructed the Grand Canal

Grand Canal

595 - 605

Produced by the Sui, and a key for Chinese trade and produce at the start of the Post Classical


Approx. 600 - Approx. 1200

Nomadic Empire that effected Europe and Asia, Was momentarily slowed by the Mongols, with Mongol fall, Turks increased leading to the Ottomans

Start of Islam


This is when it is perceived that Muhammed got messages from god.

Tang Dynasty

618 - 907

Dynasty preceding the Sui that was founded by the Li family.

Rashidun Caliphate

632 - 661

Beginning of Arab Empires

Muhammed death


Start of Muslim Conquer


Muslims starts expanding and growing throughout Middle East and Africa

Ummayad Caliphate

661 - 750

First Big Influential of the Arab Empires.

Byzantine Empire

667 - 1461

Most of the Empire dies by 1350 but some remains through the 15th century. Considered themselves the Roman Empire after the Eastern Western Split. Eastern Orthodox founded in this Empire

Muslim Conquest of Spain

711 - 715

Abbasid Caliphate

750 - 1258

Fall of Baghdad lead to Decline. Ended Arab Empire

Chang'an Troops


Northeastern troops rebelled in the capital city of Chang'an. Members of the royal family are killed.


768 - 814

Grand Canal Flooding


Over 10,000 killed in Grand Canal Flooding, This decreased the dynasty dramatically as the government struggled to respond.

Song Dynasty

960 - 1279

Founded by Emperor Taizu

Islam in Turks

Approx. 1000

This had heavy influence on Turks and their culture

The Great Schism


East and Western Christians

Byzantine Join Cursades


Byzantine Christians join the religious fight against the Muslims

First Crusades

1096 - 1099

First Christian attempt to reclaim the holy land

Jerusalem taken


Taken by Crusaders

Second Crusade

1145 - 1149

Lead by, Roman Emperor Conrad the III and Louis the VII

Third Crusade

1189 - 1192

Fourth Crusade

1202 - 1204

Advanced of Constantinople.

Mongols Capture all of China

1206 - 1279

Genghis Khan spreads his empire past the mongolian land in the north to capture to powerhouse of Asia Starting the Yuan Dynasty


1206 - 1368

Largest empire in History, as well as one of the most militarily dominant.

Mongol Invasion of Europe

1222 - 1243

Genghis Khan Death


The greatest military leader in history dies after conquering almost all of Asia.

Mongol Attacks


Mongol Attack Song after failed alliance to attack the Jin

Fall of Baghdad


Major event in the collapse of Arab Empire and the Abbasid

Yuan dynasty

1279 - 1368

Mongol rule over China. Included the Mongol land, as far as India and Russia as well as Korea and China.

Black Death

1346 - 1353

Spread all throughout Eurasia and destroyed multiple Empires and regions. 25 Million Killed

Constantinople Captured


During the Fourth Crusade Byzantine is captured by Turks

Martin Luther

Approx. 1517

95 Theses