Richard Pierpoint Timeline

By: Dylan Kenny


Transported to New England


"Pierpoint" was captured and transported at the age of 16, by slave traders, to New England, where, he was boght by an officer Pierpoint.


Joined the Butler's Rangers at Fort Niagara, New York


The British army enroled African Americans to serve for their freedom. If at the end of the war these African Americans survived, they were promised freedom and were evacuated into Upper Canada, never to be a slave again. Pierpoint was one of those freed.

Petition of Free Negroes


Pierpoint signed a petition asking Upper Canada if the African Americans that lived through the war were able to be granted land beside each other. The petition was rejected.

Petition of Coloured Corps


Pierpoint send the Upper Canada gouvernment proposing coloured men to fight for Upper Canada. The petition was first rejected but because of the little amount of volunteers for the war, the petition was eventually approved.

Royal Engineers


Pierpoint and the African American the served beside him were upgraded from infantry to artificers a branch of the Royal engeneers during the battles in the Niagara peninsula.

Coloured Corps reassemble


Although Pierpoint died the same year, he lived ling enough to see his Coloured Corps was reassembled. They defended the colony from William Lyon Mackenzie and continuously were used until 1851, being one of the most distinguished service records of any Canadian militia unit.

Personal life



There are no records of the exacte date of Pierpoints birth but he was born in Bondu, West Africa in the year 1745

The Personal Petition


After the Coloured Corps was honourably disbanded, the war veterans were eligible for 100 acres of forest to homestead. Pierpoints' last petition was sent to the colonial government when he was given the land, he wanted to trade the land for a one-way boat ride back to his homeland of Bondu. This petition was rejected like his others.

Property Owner


Pierpoint accepted and homesteaded the land, which is located in todays Fergus, at the age of 78



Pierpoint died during the year 1837 and buried into his land but it is uncertain of the exact date.