Richard Pierpoint Timeline

By Kailey Gillis


Transported to New England


Richard Pierpoint was born in in 1745. He was captured in his mid-teens by slave traders and transported to new England where he was sold to a british officer, named Peirpoint.


Starts serving in Butler's Rangers


The British Army needed loyalist recrutes. One way to fill ranks, was to enlist black slaves to fight in the American war for the reward of their freedom.

Signed Petition of Free Negroes


In 1794 Richard Pierpoint signed the Petition of Free Negroes, which requested that free blacks that had served the British soldiers in the war be givin land grants becide eachother. The petition was rejected.

Petition offering "coloured" corps


In 1812 America declared war on Great Britian. Pierpoint sent a petition to the Upper Canadian government offering to start a corps of "coloured men" to fight for Upper Canada. At first, the petition was rejected but when numbers were low, the Coloured corps was approved, though in command was Robert Runchy, a white tavern owner.

Petition to colonial government


Because of failing health, Pierpoint sent a petition, asking for a one-way boat ticket home to his native land of Bondu. This request was rejected, so because of no other choice Peirpoint accept his lot. Despite his age. He sucessfully homesteaded his veterans land.

Unit Disbanded


In 1815 the unit was honourably disbanded. Just as all veterans, Pierpoint was elegible for a grant of 100 acres of forest to homestead.

Coloured Corps starts again


Richard Pierpoint lived long enough to see the Coloured Corps start agian in 1837 to defemd the colony from William Lyon Mackenzie's rage tag republicans.

Life in Freedom



Richard Pierpoint was born in 1745 in the West African Kingdon called Bondu.

Property Owner


In 1822 Richard Pierpoint became a property owner, of the homesteaded land that was givin to him after the war of 1812. He was 78 at the time.



It is likely he died later in the year of 1837 and was burried on his land, though the exact place is long forgotten.

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