Fall Of Singapore


Japanese lands at Kota Bahru

December 1941

Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor

December 8, 1941

The Japanese land in Singora and Patani

December 8, 1941

Japanese troops sink Britain’s two main warships

December 10, 1941

British troops completely withdraw from Malaya into Singapore.

January 1942

Japanese troops penetrate the outer lines of defense at Kuala Lumpur, Malaya.

January 8, 1942

Muar is captured by the Japanese

January 15,1942

The British blow up the causeway linking Malaya and Singapore

January 17,1942

The Japanese troops repair the destroyed causeway and reach Singapore

February 1942

The Japanese attack Pulau Ubin,

February 5, 1942

The Japanese land in northwest Singapore

February 8,1942

The British Royal Air Force withdraw the small number of aircraft from Singapore

February 10, 1942

The Japanese 5th Division attacks Indian, Chinese, and British troops along Choa Chu Kang

February 11, 1942

The battle between the 1 st and 2nd Malay Regiment and the Japanese

February 13, 1942

After the fall of Bukit Chandu, the Japanese attack Alexandra Barracks Hospitale

February 14, 1942

The British surrender party led by Lt-Gen Percival

February 15, 1942

The British surrender at Ford Motor Factory

February 15, 1942

British and Japanese troops cease combats

February 15, 1942

Japanese victory parade on the streets of Singapore

February 16, 1942

First round of executions take place at Changi Beach

February 18, 1942