World Wide Web - Timeline


Tim Berners-Lee first patents the WWW

Approx. 1989

Although the WWW was invented in 1989, the code for the server wasn't released until late 1990

Mosaic, one of the first browsers, is released


Mosaic was the foundation for one of the first browsers, named Netscape which was founded in 1994

China is the first country with internet


Although they were the first country with Internet, filters applied, blocking users from certain websites and servers.

Microsoft releases Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer being released started a "browser war", and eventually killed off a common browser, Netscape.

Google is launched


Google was launched in 1998, but had reached the no. 1 browser by late 2000

The importance of network security is heightened


Network security became more important after the release of a virus named ILOVEYOU, which infected millions of computers worldwide

No. of people on the Internet tops 1 billion


By the end of 2015, there were 3.2 billion people who used the internet, a number that has most likely increased by 2017

Online commerce tops $1 trillion


Money received from users using the internet tops to over $1 trillion