Kokoda Trail Campaign


Australia declares war on Japan

10 December 1941

Singapore surrenders to Japan

16 February 1942

General Edgar Percival, who was the British commander in Singapore, makes the decision to surrender.

Australian Kokoda preparations begin

7 July 1942

Papuan and Australian troops begin operations when the Japanese are identified as a threat.

Japanese army land at Gona

21 july 1942

The Japanese forces begin to move south over the Kokoda track to reach Port Moresby.

Japanese attack Milne Bay and Isurava

26 August 1942 - 31 August 1942

Japanese forces launch offensives.

Australians draw out from Isurava

6 September 1942 - 11 September 1942

Australians are threatened with attacks from the rear so they escape Isurava as they were pursued by the Japanese.

Australians defeat Japanese at Milne Bay

10 September 1942

Japanese lose their frost land battle of the war to Australian troops.

Japanese withdrawal begins

4 October 1942

After a series of defeats at Guadalcanal, the Japanese retreated in fear of an Australian attack from the rear.

Kokoda is reoccupied

2 November 1942

Australians re-capture Kokoda.

Australian take over Gona

9 December 1942

Go a falls to the Australians.

Papuan Campaign is complete

23 January 1943

After the Japanese lose in a final foothold at Sanananda, the war is Papua officially ends.