The Evolution of the Internet of Things & Devices

Artifact One - Multi-Genre Research Project


Microsoft Corporation is founded

April 4, 1975

Microsoft Corporation is one of the highest regarded technology companies. Microsoft is known worldwide and manufactures software for computers, mobile devices, and more. Founded by Bill Gates, Microsoft is the seventh largest information technology company in the world by revenue.

Apple is founded

April 1, 1976

Apple is one of the highest regarded technology companies. Apple is the world's largest information technology company by revenue. Creator of the renowned iPhone and founded by Steven Jobs, Apple manufactures the hardware and software for computers, mobile and wearable devices, and more.

World Wide Web goes live

August 6, 1991

The World Wide Web is what most people just call the internet. It is the information system in which all websites exist on. The World Wide Web connects all internetal webpages using hyperlinks and search engines.

Amazon is founded

July 5, 1994 is an online shopping and commerce website and is the largest internet company by revenue. Amazon has conveniently connected numerous sellers with their desired consumers via the internet.

Netflix is founded

August 29, 1997

Netflix is an entertainment company that enables users to stream numerous shows in whole through one platform. Netflix streams through an online video on-demand and has DVDs that can be received by mail. Netflix is the ninth largest internet company by revenue in the world. Netflix now produces its own original shows as well.

First Bluetooth headset is released

May 20, 1998

Bluetooth services can be found everywhere now. Smart devices connect via Bluetooth to headphones, keyboards, cars, home systems, speakers, and more. The release of the first Bluetooth headset revolutionized how people connect devices and accessories. Today, the headphone jack has been removed from the newest iPhone, causing users to have to use a dongle or Bluetooth headphones.

Google is founded

September 4, 1998

Google is a technology company that specializes in a large spectrum of areas. Google's services include its search engine, cloud-based G Suite apps, email service Gmail, video chatting service Hangouts, internet browser Chrome, its laptop counterpart Chromebook, home assistant, Maps, Translate, and more. Google's G Suite apps have transformed the business and classroom setting by allowing users to access files from any device at any time and any place. Google's services have been revolutionary.

Apple releases the first generation iPod

October 23, 2001

The iPod was one of the first devices that Apple released that completely revolutionized its industry. The iPod allows users to carry their music with them in their pocket and listen to a song whenever they want to.

Redbox is founded


Redbox is retail company that sets up machines in supermarkets and other popular areas where people can rent movies and video games. For $1 per 24 hours, people can rent the newest movies and video games. Using an app, users can see which DVDs and games are available at their nearest Redbox location.

Sonos is founded

June 30, 2002

Sonos is an electronics company that specializes in the smart speaker industry. Sonos develops and manufactures WiFi smart speakers that can all be controlled through a single app. The app can integrate all of the speakers together and can separate them into their own individual rooms. The Sonos Controller app supports most music providers such as Apple Music, Pandora, and more. With one single tap, users can now turn on any song, in any room, at any time.

Nike+iPod is announced

May 23, 2006

Apple and Nike consolidated on a project and created Nike+iPod, the sport app and bundle that gave runners the ability to sync their exercise to their iPod. A small device embedded or or attached to a shoe would transmit information to the iPod or sportband.

Fitbit is founded

May 1, 2007

Fitbit is the producer of countless fitness trackers including the recent Alta, Charge 2, and more. These activity trackers send information to the Fitbit app which displays a dashboard including steps, distance, calories, heart rate, hours of sleep, and more. Most of this information can also be seen directly on the screen of the tracker. Fitbit has inspired people to get active and live a healthier lifestyle.

The first iPhone is released

June 29, 2007

The iPhone, a line of smartphones created by Apple, has revolutionized everything about cellular smartphones. Running on the iOS operating system, the iPhone holds the greatest share in the market of smartphones. The iPhone has been rereleased yearly with major upgrades along with a new version of iOS. The iPhone comes with countless apps along with the famous App Store in which users can buy apps from other parties. Basic features of the iPhone include calling, email, text, camera and video, music, GPS, internet, and more.

Uber is founded

March 2009

Uber is a transportation company that operates in 570 cities worldwide. Previously called UberCab, the company uses an app for users to book cabs. With a few simple taps, users can contact the nearest Uber and be picked up at what is convenient to them.

Apple releases the first generation iPad

April 3, 2010

The iPad is a series of tablet devices created by Apple. The iPad runs on the iOS operating system and acts as a larger version of the beloved iPhone. The tablet comes in many sizes and easily connects to keyboards to make for easy work access. From games to schoolwork and business, the iPad makes everything bigger and better.

Nest Labs is founded

May 2010

Nest Labs is the producer of programmable smart WiFi home thermostats, smoke detectors, and other security systems. The company was co-founded by former Apple engineers and now exists under the same parent company as Google. The Nest systems are app-enabled, allowing users to preset temperatures, etc. from anywhere, all with a single tap.

Apple releases Siri voice assistant on iPhone 4S

October 4, 2011

Siri is the intelligent personal assistant developed by Apple. Siri can be found on all of Apple's operating systems including iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Powered by the voice, Siri can make calls, send texts, add events to your calendar, open apps, give directions, and much more. Siri has provided a pleasant level of convenience for Apple users. A Siri voice assistant smart-home speaker is expected to be announced shortly.

Android Wear is released

March 18, 2014

Android Wear includes smartwatches powered by Google's Android operating system. With just a glance, users can see alerts and messages, weather updates, fitness activity, and more. Everything needed is right on your wrist with Android Wear. There is rarely a need to pull out your phone for simple tasks.

Google Glass is released into Public Beta

May 13, 2014

Google Glass looked as if it is a pair of eyeglasses, but it is much more. The glass displayed information directly from your smartphone, giving users the ability to view notifications, etc. completely hands-free. The glass could be powered via voice commands. However, Google discontinued the prototype and is currently redesigning and recreating the product.

Apple releases HomeKit with iOS 8

September 17, 2014

HomeKit connects all smart home devices together into one application. From the Apple Home app, users can setup and control smart-home devices from any location.

Amazon Echo and Alexa voice assistant is released

November 6, 2014

Alexa is the voice assistant that powers the Amazon Echo smart speaker. With a simple voice command, you can ask Alexa anything from playing a song to making calls and sending messages to sports news and weather forecasts to ordering a package. Alexa has the capability to control smart-homes and more. Alexa quickly adapts to preferences and makes simple tasks even simpler.

Apple Watch is released

April 24, 2015

The Apple Watch is the best-selling smartwatch to date. Running the watchOS operating system by Apple, the smartwatch incorporates all of the necessities of the iPhone with quick glances on the wrist. The Apple Watch connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone and includes its own app store of watchOS compatible applications. From style to function, the Apple Watch includes it all.

Google Home is released

November 4, 2016

Google Home is a WiFi-enabled smart speaker created by Google. The product is powered by Google Assistant, an intelligent personal assistant controlled by voice commands. The device allows users to play music, control smart-home appliances, receive news updates, and more. The device allows for an easier lifestyle and is currently competing with Amazon's Echo and Echo Dot.

Comcast announces the release of the Xfinity Stream app

February 15, 2017

The Xfinity Stream app allows users to stream recordings from their DVR onto their mobile devices from anywhere. If you are going off the grid or won't be on WiFi, users can also download recordings from their DVR onto their phones. The app allows for seamless streaming of live networks as well. The service has no additional cost, making watching TV on the go easier than ever.