Gloria Steinems Life


Gloria Steinem was born

March 24,1934

birth control was approved


Gloria Steinem moved to NYC to start her journalism career

Jan 1, 1960

Equal pay act

June 10 1963

Gloria was diagnosed with breast cancer


She became a women's activist after a meeting with the Red Stockings

Jan 1, 1968

Co-founds the National Women's Political Caucus


created a women's magazine that informed people about feminist views

May 22, 1971

Equal Rights Act was passed

March 22, 1972

First Issue of Ms. Magazine,Gloria's magazine, came out and sold out in 8 day

May 22, 1972

Co funds the Ms Foundation for Women


Gloria served as one of the commissioners appointed by US president Jimmy Carter to the National Committee of the Observance of International Women's Year

January 1, 1977

Gloria sold her magazine because it became too expensive

January 1, 1987

Enducted in the International Womens Hall of Fame


Creates the Women and AIDS Fund with the Ms. Foundation to support women living with HIV/AIDS.


Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom

November 20, 2013