Here you can Find some of the most importants point of view of Coca cola History


(The grandfather of Coca-cola) invents the formula of Mariani Wine


Invents the Mariani Wine formula based on coca leaves macerated in wine
The enormous success of the elixir pushed the creator of the coca-cola to make a similar refreshment but without alcoholic graduation.

John Pemberton Complete the Coca cola Formula


John Pemberton, a 54-year veteran pharmacist from the US Army, came up with the Coca-Cola formula based on Mariani Wine, in which he replaced the wine with an extract of cola and added caffeine to make it an alcohol-free beverage. In its beginnings it was called "Vin francais Cola" (French Wine of Cola).

The Coca-cola drink is sold at Jacob's Pharmacy

August 31, 1886

On May 8, the Coca-cola drink is sold at Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta and sold at a rate of 9 units per day.

Pemberton registers his Coca-Cola Syrup and Stract


Pemberton registers his Coca-Cola Syrup and Stract label as a copyright with the U.S patent Office to protect the formula from being discovered or imitate

Asa Candler become The Sole Proprietor of Coca- Cola Company


Asa Candler became the proprietor of coca- cola and to protect them ingredients of the secret formula , he scratches off the labels of ingredients on containers and instead uses numbers to identify them.

Creation of the first bottle of Coca cola


At a candy store in Vicksburg, Mississippi, owner Joseph A. Biedenharn did not bother selling the new soda called Coca-cola and decided to bottle the drink using small glass bottles

Candler Proclaims Coca-Cola is sold and consumed in every state and territory of united state


Coca-cola began exporting to Cuba and Panama


Cuba and Panama are the first countries outside the US to start bottling Coca-Cola.

The famous bottle of Coca-cola is born


The famous bottle of Coca-cola is born after a competition proposed by the bottlers and the company to several manufacturers of crest The company intended to unify glass bottles and distinguish themselves from the imitations of Coca-Cola that appeared everywhere. Alexander Samuelson of the Root Glass Company won the design and the so contoured bottle so characteristic of Coca-cola has become to this day one of the most famous and recognized icons in the world.

Ernest Woodruff compró todas las acciones de Coca-Cola


Ernest Woodruff compró en 1919 todas las acciones de Coca-Cola a la familia Candler y logró consolidar el negocio tras la I Guerra Mundial.

The company began its international expansion in the 1930s


When World War II (1939) broke out, Coca-Cola was already present in 44 countries around the world.