Alice through the looking glass


Looking-glass house

1 AD

Alice comes in a world you see through the looking glass. It is a big living chess with their onw language and things. Then Alice comes in a garden full with flowers. They see her as a flower and have critic on her. They throw her away. Then Alice meets the Red Queen. She appoints her as her pawn.

Looking-glass insects

2 AD

When Alice goes out for research, she meets all kinds of strange insects. For example, bees in the form of an elephant, a bread and butterflies, a fly made of plumpudding and a rocking-horse fly. Then she walks in a forest where things do not have a name and behalf of the red queen she is looking for Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Tweedledum en Tweedledee

3 AD

Alice meets the twin Tweedledum and Tweedledee who love keep telling stories. They tell her the story of "The walrus and the Carpenter" who go together on oyster yacht. They also tell Alice that she does not really exist, but she is only one person from the red king's dream. When the king wakes up, Alice would have disappeared. Alice is very sad, but meeting with the white queen is happy again. This queen told us that time in the Looking-Glass World is lagging behind.

Wool and Water

4 AD

Alice leaves the forest and walks in a shop with a knitting sheep. It's not a normal store because if Alice wants to get something out of the shelves, the item always shifts a shelf, just as long as the object disappears through the ceiling. In the shop suddenly appears a lot, and Alice ropes the knitting sheep in a rowboat, with rows of rods. Eventually, Alice buys an egg and the store changes this time in a forest in which she sees an egg balancing on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty: The egg that balances on the wall is Humpty Dumpty. He likes to ask difficult and enigmatic questions. He told Alice about the phenomenon "unbirthday". You are just one day in the year, the other days you are "unbirthday". It's hard for Alice to have a conversation with this enigmatic person and she continues on adventure.

The lion en the unicorn

5 AD

She meets the white king and his two English-language messengers Haigha and Hatta. Together they come across the battle between the lion and the unicorn around the white king's crown. The battle is broken because both men want to eat plump dudding. Alice has to rotate the plum powder first and then cut it, the time goes by.

In my own invention

6 AD

Alice meets the white knight. It is a nice but very awkward knight, because he falls off the horse's feet a few meters. He found out a lot of things that worked or did not work, or he never tested whether that was impractical. The knight, however, was very proud of all his inventions. Together with the knight, Alice reaches the place where she will be crowned queen.

Queen Alice

7 AD

Alice is sitting with her crown on her head between the white and red queen who want to have dinner in honor of her. During that dinner a lot of things happen at once: some guests change dishes and plates, forks and plates make living birds. It was chaos, crazy and curiosity, and Alice can not resist it any more.

Shaking Waking

8 AD

Alice grabs the red queen and shakes her with great strength. The queen is getting smaller, thicker and softer with green eyes and ... ..
And instead of a queen, Alice suddenly has her kitten.

Wich dreamed it?

9 AD

Alice thinks that the red queen from her dream was just her kitten all the time. Her other kitten would have been the white queen. The mother cat, Dinah, would have been Humpty Dumpty. But was it the red king who dreamed all this and did Alice only dream in his dream, or was she herself dreaming about all this and came to the red queen in her own dream?