George Dashwood


Birth of Mary Sarah Absolom (Mother)

Approx. 1849

George Dashwood’s mother Mary Sarah Absalom Was born in the year roughly around 1849 making them very similar ages. Mary was also born in Ryde and since it was a small-town presumably they grew up together, then later on got married and had 5 kids.

Birth of John Thomas Dashwood (Father)

Approx. April 1849

George Dashwood's father Thomas Dashwood was born during April of 1849 in Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England.

Birth of George Dashwood

August 20, 1882

George Dashwood or at Birth was known as Robert George Strachan Dashwood Was born on August 20th, 1882 in East Grinstead, Sussex England. His birth took place presumably in the church or at home at the parish since they did live in town at the time. He was the son of John Thomas Dashwood and Mary Sarah Absalom (Dashwood). His father at the time was the Brewer so they were living in the middle age of town in the “Brewery House”. They were fairly well-off since they had their own family business and one of the main sales people in the town. During the time of when George was born his older sister was 3 years old.

George's Baptism

oct 21 1884

George was baptized on October 21st 1884 at the age of 2. This was of course highly important to the family since they were christian (Church of England) and were living in a small town where they lived so close to the church and how religion was integrated into the town (parish).

Before Immgration


Before moving to Canada George was a Teamster which is the person who drives a horse carriage and fittingly enough when he moved to Canada that becomes relevant. He was living with his family in the brewery and was a large family including cooks and servants there for showing that they were fairly well-off. he made his decision to move to Canada with Alice and start his life in a new country. To my knowledge, he didn't have much contact with his family after that.

Arrival Of George Dashwood To Canada

6 april 1906

On April 6th 1906 George Dashwood arrived to Canada on the ship referred to as the Tunisian. He landed in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada and then to St. John's New Brunswick. A year later he made his way to Calgary and married Alice.



Alice Maud Drew Married George in 1907 in Calgary presumably.

Birth of Norah


Birth of his first daughter, with alice

Birth of John


Birth of his first son, with Alice

Birth of George Jr


Birth of his second son, with Alice

Birth Of Evelyn


Birth of his second daughter, with Alice

Enlistment to Discharge

Dec 31 1914 - mar 31 1918

Birth of Doris


Birth of his third daughter with Alice

Moved to BC

Jul 1 1921

George Dashwood and his family move to Fraser Valley British Columbia

Death Of George Dashwood

9 Mar 1966

Died of metastatic neoplasm as a complication of primary neoplasm (cancer) at the age of 83

Death of Alice Dashwood

24 jul 1966

Died of gangrene due to Diabetic Nephropathy. She died 4 1/2 months later at the age of 84