Ukraine Timeline


City of Lviv, present-day Ukraine, founded by Danylo king of Rus.

Approx. 1256

Chernihiv, a historic city in northern Ukraine, serves as the administrative center of the Chernihiv as well as of the surrounding Chernihiv Raion within the oblast. Administratively, it is incorporated as a city of oblast significance.

Battle of Beresteczko, between Poles and Ukrainians, Poles won.


It was a battle of a Cossack rebellion in Ukraine. Their territory was being seized and so they went to war to fight for their land. The Polish defeated the

Russian army seized Smolensk, Thirteen Years War started between Russia and Poland over Ukraine.


Russia threatened Poland's reign over Ukraine. Poland was not about to lose the territory they had won.

Poland ceded Kiev, Smolensk, and eastern Ukraine to Russia in the Treaty of Andrusovo.


Poland and Russia fighting for territory. Poland gave leadership of Kiev, Smolensk, and eastern Ukraine territory to Russia.

Ukrainian language officially prohibited.


With Russia's reign over Ukraine, they established language rules. Russia prohibited the use of the Ukrainian language.

Central Rada set up in Kiev, followed collapse of Russian Empire.


The All-Ukrainian council that united the political, public, cultural and professional organizations of the Ukrainian People's Republic. Ukrainians gained their freedom. Russia fell largely as a result of massive failures in its participation in the First World War.

Ukraine declared independence; Ukrainian People's Republic set up.


This is when the Ukrainians finally had control of their life and are starting to rebuild their empire.

Germans occupied Ukraine; most of Ukraine's 1.5 million Jews wiped out by the Nazis; about five million Ukrainians died fighting Nazi Germany.

1941 - 1944

The holocaust had spread to Ukraine bringing terror and death upon Ukraine.

Chernobyl nuclear power station reactor exploded, sent a radioactive cloud across Europe.


In the aftermath of the accident, 237 people suffered from acute radiation sickness, of whom 31 died within the first three months. Most of the victims were fire and rescue workers trying to bring the accident under control, who were not fully aware of how dangerous the exposure to radiation in the smoke was. This also brought out statements and reports on the health effects of radiation poisoning.

Ukrainian independence proclaimed from Soviet Union; Ukrainians voted overwhelmingly for independence from the Soviet Union in a referendum; leaders of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine signed an agreement.


Ukrainians broke away from the Soviet Union giving independence back to the Ukrainians. Ukraine now celebrates their independence.

US President Bill Clinton and Russian President Boris Yeltsin signed the Kremlin Accords, which stopped the preprogrammed aiming of nuclear missiles toward each country's target.


These treaties stopped the preprogrammed targeting of nuclear weapons at targets on any nation and provided for the dismantling of the Russian nuclear arsenal positioned in Ukraine.

Ukraine and Russia signed friendship treaty; Ukraine and Russia reached agreement on Black Sea fleet.


The major conflicts between Russia and Ukraine in the past resulted in lots of death and destruction. The friendship treaty is a symbol of a new era.

Kiev demonstrations demanded Kuchma resign; border dispute erupted with Russia and Ukraine on building a causeway across Kerch Strait between Russian coast and Ukrainian island of Tuzla.


Russia nd Ukraine just signed a friendship treaty and are now having a dispute.

Underground gas explosion killed more than 30 coal miners.


Eastern Ukraine has been wracked by fighting between government forces and Russian-backed rebels for almost a year, a conflict that has killed more than 6,000 people..

Russia briefly cut supply of gas for Ukrainian use over prices.


It comes a day after Ukraine's state energy firm Naftogaz announced it was suspending gas purchases from Russia.
That announcement came after EU-brokered talks aimed at keeping supplies running for three to six months broke down without agreement.
Gazprom said it halted the supply because Ukraine did not make an "advance payment" for July's delivery. Another major conflict that results in more hatred for each other countries.

New contract to supply Ukraine's industrial consumers directly ended row over gas supply.


Russia and Ukraine will remove all middlemen in their gas trade, Russia's gas export monopoly said on Thursday, ending years of opaque schemes which caused tensions between the two neighbors and alarmed investors.

Russia stopped all gas supplies; supplies restored after Ukraine and Russia signed a 10-year agreement on gas transit.


Russia and Ukraine agreed on something that didn't end in war and destruction.

Ukraine agrees to eliminate its stockpile of weapons-grade nuclear material ahead of the Washington nuclear security summit.


The White House said Ukraine would, by 2012, get rid of enough highly enriched uranium to build "several weapons".
Leaders from 47 countries are taking part in the summit, called by President Barack Obama.

Police in Kiev fire tear gas to disperse hundreds of protesters angry at a law pushed through parliament with little debate that gives Russian regional language status.


The Ukrainians just gained their freedom and know their language is being restricted again.

Cease-fire repeatedly violated before breaking down completely. Nato confirms Russian troops and heavy military equipment entering eastern Ukraine.


Ceasefire repeatedly was broken and now destroyed bringing in a possibility of war.