600-1450 changes and continuities


Umayyads invade Africa

600 C.E. - 750 C.E.

The Umayyads invaded Northern Africa and spread Islam further.

Harsha's rule

606 - 647

Harsha was a king in India in the early 600's C.E.

Tang Dynasty

618 - 907

Also known as the golden age of China. Confucius leader. Created lavish capital of Chang'an.

Rise of Islam


MAde the Middle East into a major trade center and grew to be a major empire.

First Mosque built in India


This shows how far Islam's influence extends and how big there empire is.

Pueblos and Navajo


The Pueblo and Navajo peoples start to settle in North America.

Conquest of sind by umayyads


This marked a more widespread amount of Islam coming into India.

Battle of Tours


A battle, led by Charles Martel, which stopped the Muslim forces from invading Western Europe.

Abbasids take over


The abbasids take over after the Umayyads decline and continue Islamic influence in Africa.



A belief system that was influenced by confucianism.

Decline of Maya


The Mayan empire collapsed for unknown reasons.


950 - 1150

Another early mesoamerican society like the Mexican and tula.


960 - 1279

gWas controlled by warlords, but the Song emperor Song Taizu brought them under his control.

Great Schism


Marks the split between the Eastern and Western Churches of the Roman Catholic Church.

Norman conquest of England


The Normans, led by Duke WIlliam the Conqueror, took England and connected England with the rest of Europe more strongly.

Seljuk Turks take Byzantine empire


THe Byzantine empire was a major empire, but allowed the turks to run their military, this led to there downfall

First Crusade


A series of religious wars sanctioned by the Catholic church in order to take the holy land back from under Islamic rule.


1125 - 1175

An early mesoamerican society that helped to shape later cultures

Bhakti Movement


medieval revolution of hinduism which created sikhism.

Genghis Khan begins conquest


This started the Mongol empire. The Mongols dominated from 1206-1368.

Sultanate of Delhi

1206 - 1526

A muslim kingdom based out of Delhi in order to spread Islam's influence.

Mongols sack Baghdad


Baghdad was a major trade point, so when the Mongols took it, they secures there dominance in the area.

Marco Pollo's Travels

1275 - 1295

Poll's travels spread Chinese goods and culture. This made Europe was to trade with Asia for their luxury goods.

Ottoman Empire begins


Was a Turkish empire and one of the three gunpowder empires.


1300 - 1521

Was the major city for the Mexica people. Was also a major religious center.

Mansa Musa


Made a pilgrimage to Mecca and distributed a hefty amount of gold to people along the way. While showing off the wealth of Mali, Africa, he also lowered the worth of gold.

Timbuktu becomes intellectual center


This shows that Africa did have it's own intellectual ability and divers culture.

Ibn Battuta's exploration

1325 - 1349

Battue's explorations helped to spread knowledge of different cultures.

Collapse of Byzantine empire


The ottomans defeated the Byzantines and took the city.


Major export center

600 - 1450

China was, and is still, a major export area for luxury goods.


600 - 1450

Confucianism is a major religion and belief system in most of East Asia, especially in China.

Caste System

600 - 1450

The caste system was a social system in India. It was designed to keep citizens in there specific class and allowed for no movement.

Trade Center

600 - 1450

The middle east, especially during the height of Islam, was a major trade center for the world.

Sunni v. Shi'a

600 - 1450

The sunni and the Shi'a versions of Islam fought continually throughout history.

South Africa nomadic

600 - 1450

South Africa had more nomadic culture as to reduce exposure to disease.


600 - 1450

Christianity dominated the area was the major religion in the area of england.

Northwest Africa trade center

600 - 1450

was the major trade outlet for Africa.


600 - 1450

Hinduism is the dominating religion in India for this time.

rritual sacrafice

600 - 1450

Ritual sacrifice was seen, especially in South America, in most of the civilizations.


600 - 1450

Agriculture led to a population boo which, in turn, led to Europe gaining popularity in the world.

agricultural based

600 - 1450

many of the societies where agricultural based, like the Maya.

Bubonic Plague on Silk Road


This started one of the largest epidemics in history.