Charles I born

2 April 747 AD

Pepin the Short dethrones the last Merovingian king and takes the throne for himself.

751 AD

Pope Stephen crowns Pepin the Short

754 AD

Pepin the Short dies and his kingdom is divided up between Charles and his brother Carloman.

768 AD

Charlemagne marries Desiderata, daughter of the Lombard King Desiderius

770 AD

Carloman dies, and Charlemagne unites the Frankish Empire quickly

771 AD

Conquest of Lombards

774 AD

Intermittent war with the Saxons

775 AD - 0783

In response to Widukind's attacks, Charlemagne orders the execution of 4500 Saxon prisoners in one day

782 AD

On April 30, Hildegarde dies in childbirth, and Charlemagne's mother Bertrada dies three months later.

783 AD

Education program launched

787 AD

Conquest of Bavaria

788 AD

Conquest of Avars ( Hungary )

791 - 0795

On Christmas day, Charlemagne, after greatly helping Pope Leo III, is crowned Holy Roman Emperor

800 AD

End of Saxon war in Denmark

804 AD

Charlemagne dies on January 28