Tsarist to Provisional Government to Communist


Nicholas II suspended the Duma

august 1915

Tsar Nicholas II took personal charge of the armed forces thus resulting in every military failure being directly linked to him- the people could no longer blame poor advisors.
Tsarina Alexandra was left head of state whilst Nicholas II was away at the front- the german princess who was already dislike by the Russian people became hevaily associated with high inflation and severe food shortages that came as a consequence of heavy food shortages in the war.
Tsarina Alexandra's lack of popularity was also due to her German heritage as whilst the Russian people were fighting the Germans (alongside the Austro-Hungarians, Ottomans and Bulgarians) they were also being rules by a German- Germany being the enemy
Rasputin- Alexandra's mystic confidant was also seen to be ruling by her side, further undermining the reputation of their Romanov rule.

The Duma reopened

November 1916

anniversary of bloody sunday, 150,000 march

9th January 1917

150,000 workers in st petersburg march

Putilov steel workers strike

18th feb 1917

strike from putilov steel workers

Bread rationing begins

19th Feb 1917

consequence of food shortages

Womens day + Putilov workers protests

23rd Feb 1917

putilov workers protesting porr conditions along the many already on the streets due to womens day

General strike

25th Feb 1917

workers fired on by troops,
Rodzianko (Duma president) urged Tsar Nicholas II to change his attitude regarding the repression of the people

Duma defied the Tsar

26th Feb 1917

Duma defied the Tsar and did not disband, troops joined protestors in the streets rather than put them down

Establishment of dual authority

27th Feb 1917

Petrograd soviet formed alongside the provisional duma commiteee, the foundation of governance through dual authority (petrograd soviet and the duma) thus many senior politicians saw the Tsar as unfit to rule

soviet order no.1

1st March 1917

petrograd soviet took control over the russian military


2nd March 1917

official provisional government formed until elections for a constituent assembly could be held.


Tsar Alexander II

1855 - 1st March 1881

Tsar Alexander III

1881 - 1894

Nicholas II

1894 - 1917

forced abdication

Provisional Government

03/15/1917 - 11/07/1917

Vladimir Lenin

11/08/1917 - 01/21/1924

Power Struggle

01/21/1924 - 1929

Joseph Stalin

1929 - 03/05/1953


03/05/1953 - 02/27/1956

Nikita Khrushchev

02/27/1956 - 10/14/1964