New Nation Era

New Nation Era

Tariff of 1789


the first tax


1789 - 1812

stay out of it

Federalist Form


(Madison) They believed in a strong central government, loose constitutional understanding, and are pro brit (Anglophiles).

Judiciary Act of 1789

September 24 1789

Corps System established, Supreme court with 6 justices

Hamilton and Jefferson Era

1790 - 1791

Hamilton's plan for finance (3 steps)

1790 - 1791
  1. Funding at par
  2. Assumption, assuming the debt of other states and paying with taxes 3.Creation of the National Bank: created by stict constitutionalists, worked to stabilize the gov., assuring faith in currency backed by gold and silver, subject to much contreversey.

Bill of Rights

December 15, 1791

Democratic Republicans


They are strict constitutionalists and want friendship with French

Jays Treaty

11/15/1794 - 10/16/1795

An unpopular trade deal that was due to brits hate from the U.S.

treaty of greenville


Treaty with natives.The 1795 Treaty of Greenville was one among the many controversial agreements between Americans and Native American tribes. It expanded American territory westward, but it also fomented Native American resentment.Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan owe their statehood partly to the 1795 Treaty of Greenville, in which Native Americans ceded land in what is now those states to American settlement. After the American Revolution ended in 1783, the American population was growing, and they were looking to expand westward, often into lands where Native Americans resided. This led to several skirmishes between the two groups in the 1780s and '90s. The conflict subsided a bit with the Treaty of Greenville. But even though the treaty established temporary peace, it also set the stage for more conflict in the future

Pickneys Treaty

1795 - 1796

Treaty with Spain helped open the possibility of the Louisianna Purchase.

Washington's Farewell Address

September 19, 1796

In the address he urges the citizens to avoid excessive political party spirit and geographitcal distinctions, he warned against foriegn affairs that were lengthy.

adams elected president


Alien and Sedition Acts


Jefferson Elected


1803 Louisiana Purchase


The product of Spaniard negociation and hypocritical Thomas Jeffersen, expanding the U.S. size by double.

Madison Elected

1809 - 1817

War of 1812

1812 - 1815

Causes are neutrality at sea (merchant ship harassment), impressment (taking soldier into brit navy),Native attack in the frontier (stirred by the brits), U.S. wants to gain Canadian land