Spanish Civil War course


Nat. forces 1/3 smaller than Rep.


Germans forces airlift Army of Africa from Morocco to Spain

July 1936

Merida and Badajoz captured by Nat. Massacre of Badajoz

August 1936

Non-Intervention Agreement

August 1936

Fortress of Alcazar

September 1936

siege broken but diversion meant Rep. strengthen defences around Madrid

Battle for Madrid

October 1936

Arrival of weapons from USSR and Mexico

October 1936

International Brigades

November 1936

defend Madrid

Nat. successfully incorporate militias

December 1936

Rep. much later

Rep lack raw materials


industrial output 1/3 of what it had been in 1936

Malaga Campaign

February 1937

Rep. defeated. Nat. use of rapid war tactics

Vizcaya campaign

March 1937 - June 1937

Franco changes tactics, focuses on Basque and Asturias. Nat. achieve air supremacy with Condor Legion

Guadalajara campaign

March 1937

Rep. win stalemate again around Madrid

Guernica captured

April 1937

Nat. capture capital of Basque: Bilbao

June 1937


June 1937


July 1937

Rep. win but Nat. counter-attack successful due to anti-tank warfare

Capture of Gijon

October 1937

conquest of north by Nat.


December 1937 - January 1938

another failed Rep. offensive

International Brigades disbanded


Nat. army 1/3 bigger than Rep.


Ebro offensive

July 1938 - November 1938

Rep. want to prolong war but initial success destroyed

Rep Army 1/2 size of Nat army


Barcelona falls to Franco

January 26th 1939

Br.+Fr. recognize Franco as legitimate leader

February 1939

Madrid seized by Franco

March 1939

Franco not interested in conditional surrender and Spain is now fully NATIONALIST